Big Improvements!
At the Allentown Rescue Mission, we always work our hardest to be good stewards of your financial donations. With that in mind, one of the many improvements we’re making is cutting our utility costs by converting to LED lighting.
We’ve made small changes: all of our shower lights are now LED; all three stairwells have been converted to LED; our facilities manager (Michael Mauro, in the picture) just switched over the men’s 2nd-floor bathroom today. However, there is more to be done.
If we paid a contractor to update our 30,000 sq. ft. building, the cost would be more than $25,000, but if we do the upgrades ourselves, over time, we will likely spend only $8,000. 
Here’s an idea of energy savings; in the photo above we were using a total of 340 watts combined to light old fluorescent fixtures. We replaced them with LED units utilizing a combined total of 64 watts. Huge savings!
Thank you for your support of what we do! Would you consider donating towards this project today? Please visit our main page now at:
Your Donations at Work
About two months ago, we posted that the neon “S” on our “God is Love” sign was out. The sign has been a beacon of hope for many struggling and hurting men for decades. After reading that post, an anonymous donor reached out and paid for the sign repairs. Thank you! We’re so thankful for the community support!

Paying for repair costs of facilities items is just one way you can support the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Keep an eye on our social media posts for more “repair cost” posts like these! Your help is much appreciated!
What We Need Most
Did you know that you can help rescue homeless men while grocery shopping for yourself ? All you have to do is purchase one of the “Bags 4 My Cause” reusable bags at a GIANT Food Store location. Once the bag is purchased, follow the directions on the tag and select the Allentown Rescue Mission as your charity. It is that simple! For each bag purchased, the Allentown Rescue Mission will receive a $1 donation. Don’t live near a GIANT? Consider donating via our website,
Lives Changed
Raymond came to the Allentown Rescue Mission during a painful chapter in his life. This was his 3rd stay, but this time he joined the Transformation Program. In his words, the program brought him “closer to the Lord Jesus Christ,” and helped him accept responsibility for his mistakes.

Raymond has come a long way, and his work and dedication have paid dividends. A local company recently contracted the Clean Team for facilities work, and Raymond’s contributions turned into a job offer. This company is happy to have Ray as a part of their family, bringing along his excellent work ethic and joyful spirit. Change can happen.

News and Events
Officers Tyrone and Sean are corrections officers at the Lehigh County Prison. Both officers try to be a positive influence on the inmates. They are hopeful that when men leave their facility, they will never return. Sometimes the work they do behind the scenes goes unnoticed. We notice, and we thank you! 
Today they are donating clothes, boots, jackets, and shoes to the men at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Men who are on track to get their lives in order through the programs here at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Thank you for thinking of us, Officers!
Employee Spotlight
Administrative Associate, Ruby, started her journey at the Allentown Rescue Mission on March 26, 2018. Before she moved to Easton, PA, she lived and worked in South Carolina. “The work that I was doing before was great, but I felt like I wanted to do something more. I didn’t have any idea that my prayer I prayed years and years ago would come to fruition,” says Ruby.
Ruby worked for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina, and she was always thinking ahead to the day she would retire from the corporate world to do something for others. “My desire was to do something meaningful in my life,” says Ruby. “I would always pray to God that if I needed to continue to work, I wanted to work on a job where I could make a difference every day.”
Ruby's prayers were answered, and they led her to the Allentown Rescue Mission. Ruby says she loves what she does because she is making a positive impact on the community. Her advice for when you see a homeless man is to offer a simple greeting. “Sometimes, just a smile and a hello will make a difference in a man’s day, and by doing so, it helps that person be comfortable enough to ask for help if they need it.”  
Thank you, Ruby, for all of the work you do to help rescue, rehabilitate, and restore men to the community.