Like Indy and Luke, we are all 
Grail Warriors in our Quest for 
Spiritual Enlightenment   

Indy Fans ask Questions about 
His Adventures toward Self-Knowledge. 

   Star Wars was a fairytale set in a place beyond time and space as we know it. Indiana Jones, on the other hand, is an earthbound character with huge flaws like pride, greed, lust, anger, and an unquenchable desire to find and possess "objects" that have animistic power and spiritual magic associated with them. 

   He is like the mischievous Loki from Norse mythology. He steals, lies, and is always caught up in some mischief with the gods and goddesses. Loki is the bastard son of Odin, the Father God, who again and again trusts Loki and is let down in the process. Loki has many powers including shapeshifting. Indy seems to have powers and can shapeshift between humble college professor and global master of archeology, history and languages. 
   Indy, like his father before him, seems to know everything about the history, religions, mythology and all of the details of the spiritual paths of all traditions. He is somewhat promethean or herculean in that he has tasks or labors that he has to do on earth so that he can finish the work of his father. 
   Luke and Indy are grail warriors looking for something they can find and hold. Many are lost or die on this path. It is a matter of life and death because enlightenment is also a matter of life and death. Enlightenment brings the assurance of life after death, eternal life. Indy finds eternal life through finding the Holy Grail; he attains the grail like few grail warriors before him. But still, Indy is still searching, making mistakes, and creating karma as unintended consequences of his sometimes selfish pursuits. 

   Luke, on the other hand, believes he has removed himself from the stream of karma by hiding after finding his other side, his sister. Indy's guts and boldness are so human, that we have to love the guy even when he is messing up and causing chaos by boyishly trying to acquire a golden head, crystal skull, ark, or grail. Indy begs the question, "What's next?"

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Learn from a real-life Yoda how Indy shows 
us the path towards enlightenment  
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Did you read these new stories of how 
Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy influenced 
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Do You Know the Secret of Ethers?
Some say that the ethers are emanations of divine beings who live on the sun. Others give highest praise to their place in the creation, death, and sustenance of the material world. They appear as planetary signatures, metals, notes, forms and other manifestations of spirit in matter.  

Ancient Eastern texts refer to the ethers as tattvas and point to their primal importance in creation and the hierarchy, serving as "binders" between the spiritual energies of the divine and the physical substances through which they operate. To modern spiritual scientists, the ethers are the secret of all life functions and growth. 

Alchemists are said to have worked with these elemental forces, often referring to them as beings that could be "set free" by releasing spirit from matter.  In the deepest parts of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Rosicrucianism, esoteric Masonry, and the Magical Revival, ethers and tattvas are the subject of the deepest esoteric teachings and rituals. 


Are You a New Kind of Human?
Do you feel an insatiable longing to return home to a place that you know in your heart, but have never physically been?  

Do you sometimes feel spiritually "out of place" in your current life circumstance and want to curl up in a "chrysalis" in order to become something more of yourself? 

Do you find it difficult to find a connection between your spiritual studies and your everyday life because "time and space" seem to be in the way? 

.....Then maybe YOU, like a fourth generation butterfly, are becoming a new kind of human.

Are You Using the Tools of Ascension?
Only through alignment of the three fields of force (thinking, feeling, and willing) can the aspirant find the full potential of energy and nourishment that the human body can provide. T

There are tools of ascension that you can effectively use in order to activate the earthly and cosmic nutrition stream that is needed to help you in your ascension process. 


Are You Ready to Take the Next Step 
Towards Spiritual Enlightenment?

After you experience the magic and synchronicity of the first volume of The Gospel of Sophia: The Biographies of the Divine Feminine, you will be ready to learn the esoteric secrets of how to activate the etherization of the blood and begin your path towards ascension. 


Call to All Spiritual Initiates
Mend the Part of the World within your Reach
Thanks to our friends at State of the Nation 2012 for this excellent glass bead, entitled Lifting the Veil , which they describe as "the best single summary revealing the deepest levels of deception in our world that we have seen."

It uses highly reliable sources with links to verify it all. For spiritual initiates prepared to see the geopolitical landscape the way it really is and then be prepared to face ahrimanic forces with the sword of Michael, this is a must read. 

We can all do something, even if it is forwarding this newsletter to others that need a wake up call. 


Now do you understand what this means?


Now is the time. You are the One. 

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