Quarterly Newsletter
July, 2021
In this issue:
  • Aristoi's Birthday
  • A Letter from our Superintendent
  • Griffin Spotlights
  • Upcoming Events
Aristoi's Birthday
Aristoi Classical Academy is proudly celebrating 25 years as a successful, tuition-free, public charter school. Aristoi has emerged as an incredibly strong influence in its pursuit of classical education. Throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, we are incorporating this theme into many of our school events and communications. We are grateful to our community, our Aristoi family, and the Katy and Houston areas for their unprecedented support of the educational alternative we provide to our students and families.

Please watch our communications, Facebook page, and website for more information about upcoming celebrations and the history of our outstanding classical public charter school.

"The world only survives by the breath of schoolchildren." - Talmud
A Letter from Our Superintendent
Superintendent Brenda Davidson's following letter delves more into the 2020-2021 year and walks through the pages of our report, all of which highlight our combined accomplishments, growth, and support from the community.

"We are so appreciative of your passion and dedication as you came together like an army to prepare our students for their safe return to school last August and throughout this year during the COVID pandemic. I dare not try to mention everyone’s efforts for fear of missing one single member of the strategic task force that ensured the success of online and on-campus learning this school year! The struggles have been real. The care and concern shown to our students as we endeavored to meet their academic, personal, physical, and mental health needs have been inspiring. Our world, as well as our community, has experienced trauma and challenges. Bravo, Aristoi community, as you finished strong after this difficult year! The virtue that comes to mind is courage. It has been on display all year."

Griffin Spotlights
Ms. Terry, a firm believer in students sharing their voice in their education
Bright colors, endless enthusiasm, and quick smiles are just the beginning of the adventures in Ms. Tiana Terry’s Aristoi Cypress kindergarten classroom. Ms. Terry has been an educator for 13 years, primarily in elementary school private education. She is an inspirational addition to Aristoi’s Cypress campus and is one of the most welcoming people around.  

Ms.Terry enjoyed working at other institutions that were very traditional and academically rigorous, but they missed educating the whole person. Still, she says, “The students were being challenged to a higher academic standard, which I loved. However, because I was teaching in a traditional setting, my job was to control and regulate the flow of information that was shared and dictated to my students. Students became mini-robots who didn't really have minds of their own.” The nurturing atmosphere she craved, where children were taught how to think, not what to think, was missing. 

The Aguirre Family, strong supporters of classical education
There are many things that make Aristoi special, and our families are at the heart of it all. This is especially true for the Aguirre family; with two Aristoi graduates, one Aristoi senior, and two Aristoi freshmen, the Aguirres are not short on Aristoi heart and tradition. 

For the past six years, Gerald and Paula have trusted Aristoi to educate their children. The three oldest began their education in public school. Dissatisfied with public school’s curriculum, the Aguirres switched to homeschool for their children’s education. It was through a dual credit program offered by Houston Baptist University called The Academy, that the Aguirre’s “discovered a love for classical education.” Because of their interest in classical education, they were soon directed towards Aristoi Classical Academy. After looking into the school, they were ecstatic, noting it as a “God's provision for [their] need.”

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Upcoming Events