Happy Summer!  Hopefully the warm weather is finding you exercising more, taking long walks on roads less traveled and putting more miles on your Fit Bits! 

Our FEET work hard for us at work and at play, and our feet are the foundation for our Musculoskeletal system. Patients with knee pain, hip pain and low back pain (especially those with bunions or calluses) could have foot imbalances as the likely cause of their pain.  And as we increase activity, we increase the likelihood that pain will arise from any undetected, untreated, uncorrected imbalances.

If you have been more active lately...GREAT!
I'd like to share with you techniques we've added specifically for your FEET to keep you Balanced & Pain Free!    MORE...
There are 26 bones in your feet creating 33 joints in your feet  that can misalign causing imbalances in the ankle, knee, hip & spine. 
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CUSTOM orthotics give you an exact match for your feet.

Customizing orthotic fit guarantees that each foot gets the balance it needs.  This specification is why they are more effective than store bought brands.
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Interested in learning more about  your feet?
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