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Last September, we launched our third contest—the F3 Challenge – Carnivore Edition. We are actively recruiting participants who produce and sell “fish-free” feed for farm-raised salmonids including salmon and trout, as well as for shrimp and other carnivorous species, some of the biggest consumers of forage fish.

Reducing forage fish in aquafeeds is key for keeping a wide variety of seafood on our plate, since it will help wild fisheries survive, and enable aquaculture to continue to grow despite any fluctuations in forage fish supply.

Why Join The F3 Challenge - Carnivore Edition?
Cash Prize: A US$35,000 prize will be awarded in each of three categories—Salmonids, Shrimp, and other Carnivorous Species—to the company or team that produces and sells the most feed made without using wild-caught fish or any marine-animal ingredient. Participants can enter one or all three categories.
Enhanced Networking: Participants have the opportunity to present their products to investors, feed companies, and the media at the F3 Meeting, an invitation-only event held in the San Francisco Bay Area that brings together the biggest globally recognized buyers, sellers and producers of aquaculture feed and ingredients. Watch highlights from the 2019 F3 Meeting on Youtube .

Heightened Visibility: To date, the contest and its participants have been mentioned in hundreds of articles from aquaculture trade industry news to mainstream media like Forbes , WIRED and Financial Times Chinese . The F3 Fish Oil Challenge winner announcement reached over 17.3 million views in nearly 200 publications worldwide. And, sustainable feeds make a difference in sales.

Don't Take It From Us...
I’m In! How Do I Sign Up?

Attend a webinar: The F3 Team and Judges will provide additional details and answer questions from current and prospective participants. Please register for one of the two upcoming webinars below:
Register your company or team: Join today at . Registration is open until April 30, 2020.

Partner with a current registrant: To date, four companies have registered for the current contest and several are seeking product development partners. Learn more about these companies at: .  

Spread the word by sharing this message and our website with any companies you think would be a good candidate to join the challenge. As a reminder, registration closes April 30.
Already Registered? A Couple Reminders

Register your partners: If your company is already registered for the F3 Challenge - Carnivore Edition, don't forget to register any partnering companies by November 30, 2020.

Share F3 Challenge news: Please share this email to encourage others to join, and look for our posts to share on social media. Thank you for helping us spread the word!


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