How long have you been standing at the threshold?
Dear Friends, 

Not everyone will want to travel this journey with us. As we explained recently to our American Intelligence Media readers, there is so much more to explore beyond the dankest cesspools of the D.C. swamp. 

Just as Douglas explained in the video Standing at the Threshold, many aspirants face fear, doubt, and hatred as they stand at this threshold experience. 

We actually have a community of spiritual seekers that have been with us since we started publishing our first books in 2014. They come from New Zealand, England, China, and Germany, not just the U.S.

Many of our early spiritual readers were upset when we started our geopolitical writings; they felt that we had abandoned our esoteric work, just as our geopolitical readers might feel as they view our New World Awakening videos.

But stay the course.....
What you will see as we reveal more and more is that all roads lead to the same place.

Yes, we have books that you can buy from Amazon, but we made sure that there was plenty of free content to share online. Over the last few years we have put hundreds of articles, videos, and audios on our sites - free and easily accessible. These are "digital beads" in the Glass Bead Game playing field.

red-pill-2Our books contain profound writings that, in our opinion, do not belong on the internet until more people are awake. If you think a few videos on YouTube would make so many people upset, then our books are serious red-pilling, even for those who think they are awake.

Over the last few years, the revenue we earned from book sales and private formula enzymes , has been plowed back into content creation. 

Thanks to your continued support, spiritually and prayerfully, we have more interesting content coming to you. 

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Bradford Riley 
comments on Facebook about Douglas' video above. If you are not familiar with Riley's extensive works, then please visit his site here which will take you further into his collection of writings. 

11:07pm Feb 20

I'm listening. And Douglas certainly holds my attention. I am working presently on the Threshold of Splintering aspects of incomplete and unconscious initiation results and personality disorders. However. I also have this sense of humor. 

In my humor I wanted, as Douglas described to be an Aspirin. Douglas said it right, but my inner stand up comic, my bi-polar bradford, thought, well, I'm hardly a warrior. I think I'm good as an Aspirin. 

After all, with so much OCD going around on the Threshold, you could have Courage, or a Brain, or a Heart, or like me you could be an Aspirin. Of course Douglas is heroically talking about an Aspiriant. 

Aspiring is related to the limited dictionary definition of A Person who has ambitions to achieve something. But Douglas is adapting and consoling and preparing a very wide audience base for easing them into accurate Initiation insights which weave all paths into a vast umbrella of accurate Spiritual Science. People have and come from, wide, wide paths and Douglas has the clarity, ability and Spiritual Consciousness to invite all the different paths towards the accurate blueprints of Initiation.

 I am looking currently at pathologies that result from unconscious and partial encounters of Initiation or unconscious encounters at the threshold which leave various phobias and distortions just because people are completely unaware that there is a real Path, with real steps and real stages. As Douglas brings people to the objective path, of the I AM he reaches out to different paths who have understood different disciplines. 

However, for now, I just wanted to report on the Aspirin aspect. I'll sum up my listening when i have finished. I'll go back now and continue listening with my dear friend Douglas as he Aspires and Weaves his princely thoughts into the Higher Worlds. Douglas is a very enjoyable speaker and host. He is agile, precise and is firmly ground in Spiritual Science.

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