The time is at hand. 

Never before in human history has so much been at stake for humanity--spiritually, financially, politically. 

Some say that this is the end of the Super Shemitah year and the beginning of the Year of Jubilee and worldwide debt forgiveness. 

We have been writing and sending you these newsletters so that you are prepared spiritually and financially for the grey swan events that are looming over our global  landscape . Any one of these events could happen and be a catalyst for world-wide changes never before seen in our times. 

Douglas and Tyla are not alarmists or conspiracy theorists. We are neoanthroposophists who use  critical  thinking to arm ourselves against the forces of Ahriman which are working to enchain humanity to materialism and keep us from ascending to our higher spiritual nature. 

As October 2, 2016 marks the end of the Super Shemitah and the beginning of the 70th Jubilee, please take a moment to review where we have been, what we have  disclosed  to you, and how to make sure you are prepared to enter this amazing year.   

Disclosure #1
The Will Force of Ahriman is Embodied by Globalism

We have written about this matter extensively, both as the Gabriels and under our geo-political pen name the Anonymous Patriots. Ahriman is not a single person with a single title. It is a force that works through any entity or being that seeks to destroy humans as a free, individual spirits who are striving for ascension and spiritual knowledge. 

We were one of the earliest writers in the alternative media to name our enemy and frame the world-wide battle between the forces of Ahriman and the folk spirits of nations. Today, the terms "globalists and nationalists" are used extensively and have greatly assisted people in understanding who our enemy is. 

The globalists have the agenda of depopulating and enslaving humanity through their agendas of climate engineering, food adulteration and poisoning, forced vaccinations, global governance, elimination of national borders (extinguishing all folk spirits), never-ending wars to feed the military-industrial complex, etc.

As we write our articles on the geo-political implications of globalism, we never lose site of the indications of Rudolf Steiner and the coming of Ahriman. 

Disclosure #2
The Markets are Rigged and the Banks are Leveraged

More than just making a casual statement that the markets are rigged and the banks are dangerously leveraged with derivatives, we did extensive research to show our readers exactly how they are rigged so that there would be no doubt in your mind that your hard earned money is nothing more than plastic chips at a casino.  

By the time this article appeared (click the title underlined above), we had already disclosed to you the extensive nature of the military industrial complex and how the structure of the New World Order operates. 

The newsletter Behind the Curtain encapsulated this research.

You already saw the extensive web of Ahriman and how the cabal plans to take over the world in Behind the Curtain. But now we disclosed the nitty-gritty of how the stock market really works. Hint: it is not in your favor and the house always wins.  

We also gave you tools to help you with the process of ascension. After facing Ahriman with full consciousness, each one of us can awaken forces within us that can overcome Ahriman and lead us into the Satya Yuga.

By now, many of our readers had reviewed their own savings, pensions, and investments and understand the illusion of the markets. Many decided to "cash in the casino chips." We highly recommend that you do your own research so that you are not stripped of your life savings during the financial collapse of the U. S. FIAT petrodollar. 

Our Ascension Diet has been offered to you as a way to prepare your physical body for the process of ascension. If you haven't started the lessons, please consider doing this so that your angels can give you greater nourishment and guidance during these apocalyptic times. Remember, the food chain doesn't stop at the human level. You feed the angels and the angels feed you when your chakras are balanced and fully activated. 

Disclosure #3
Fiat Currency Always Fails

Now that you cashed out of the casino, you may wonder where to put your wealth until financial systems reboot. As the global system of fiat currencies (any currency not backed assets like precious metals) begins its collapse, where can you store your wealth so you don't lose everything? AS history has shown us during financial collapses, many private checking and savings accounts can be wiped out. 

Also, is there any way regular folks like us can defeat the globalists in their quest for world domination of the financial markets?  

We are not financial advisers and don't want the karma or responsibility for your choices and decisions; we highly recommend that you do your own research and come to your own conclusions. 

However, many folks have asked us what we have done. There are ways to protect your assets once you get them out of paper and digital forms. 

You could buy some farm or herding land or other revenue-generating real estate. Other items that keep value are medical kits and supplies, storable food, hand tools, farm equipment, garden seed, water filters, livestock (including backyard chickens), superfoods and supplements, portable grow systems. 

For awhile, your local currency will have value so you might want to get a stash of cash on hand. (Keep in mind that currencies may be undergoing changes as we described in this article on the new U.S. $100 bill.) Ask the Greeks what happened to their ATM withdrawals once the banks ran out of money. Credit card transactions might fail so cash will be needed. Eventually your fiat currency will not have value, but until no one accepts it, you might as well use it.  

What harm does it do to go down to your local coin store and buy some real gold and silver coins with some soon-to-be-worthless fiat currency?Big banks like JPMorganChase have been stockpiling silver while the price (which is controlled by the U.S. Treasury) is very low. Maybe it is a strategy that will work for you, too. 

While you have fiat notes at hand, you can also buy things of real value that you may need--for any emergency. Check your pantry for enough food, water, supplies, etc. to last for a few weeks. Many governments around the world are urging citizens to prepare for an emergency.  

Disclosure #4
You Can Survive the Apocalypse

What neoanthroposophists know is that we can survive and thrive during these changes. Some call this the great shift; others call it the apocalypse, the reset, or the financial tsunami.

What is most important is to keep your faith. Let the wisdom of the Divine Feminine Trinity guide you through these times of personal challenge and worldwide changes. This is why we wrote The Gospel of Sophia trilogy
--to remind you that the Mother of All continues to guide humanity in its evolution, whether you recognize Her or not. 

This is a trilogy that goes beyond anything you will read in our newsletters or website. Please consider ordering print copies for your library and studying this deep wisdom and expression of love during your contemplation time. 

We have written several articles that can prepare you spiritually for ascension and transformation. 

Many thanks to the awakened community and founder Bessheen Baker, ND at the Naturopathic Institute in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan for participation in an  Our Spirit Conversation recently. 

We look forward to meeting Nina and her community at the Biodome in Waynesville, North Carolina for our next conversation, tentatively set for Thursday, October 27, 2016. If you are interested in attending, please let us know or friend Nina Howard on Facebook for upcoming details.  
"What is an Our Spirit Conversation?" you ask.

Disclosure #5
What Really Happened on 9-11?

These links are for those ready rip away all of the veils that keep the truth of 9-11 hidden from the world. The reports came from the U. S. Office of Naval Intelligence, the office that was destroyed on 9-11 by a missile (no, not an airplane) that struck the side of the Pentagon. These brave men and women had uncovered the underbelly of the most insidious crimes against humanity, even prior to 9-11 and far beyond Saudi involvement. 

Fortunately, the research that had been done was preserved. The author(s) of these reports updated the research and published these documents seven years later in 2008. One can only imagine how another eight years, bringing us to 2016, would reveal even more of the machinations of Ahriman.

We have spent a year giving you articles on how the global military-industrial complex and the warlord banking system works. Now we present to you the final piece to the picture--the real reason 9-11 happened. At the very least, please open and read Part 1. Once you read this, you will understand why a complete collapse of the world's financial system is coming....and is needed.    

This material is not for all of our readers. But we know that there are some of you that have the intellectual capability to understand what is being presented and the spiritual capacity to hold this in your consciousness

Dear readers, you span the globe. Please disseminate this information as you feel comfortable so that people around the world can see that 9-11 was a crime against all humanity. Not until these perpetrators are brought to trial in an international court, will we be free of their constant wars and killing of our children and families. 

Part One


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