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Identify the shadows of yourself that follow you around.  What is it about you that you try so hard to deny or overcome and at least make sure you don't turn into them?

We can't imagine not living up to our best self and we stay on guard to keep that dark, shadow self away. Join us on Monday night for a special tele-class to understand what lurks within us and minimize its ability to control us.

You'll have a chance to clarify for yourself what bothers you the most and flip its power into a positive for your life.  I'll use a part of the Human Design System called Divine Design that can identify the primary shadows you were born to deal with.  I'll also give you the chance to identify shadows for yourself that might surprise you.  

This is a very empowering class and truly helps you become more the master of your life.

If I don't already have your birth data, please send me your birth date, time and place during the day of the class (or before that) so I can prepare your chart.
The class is very interactive so you'll be able to sort through shadows, ask questions and make comments about the content.
The tele-class is from 7 to 9 PM EDT on Monday and costs $25.  Use this link to sign up.  For more info, see below or call or email Peter. 212-222-7748 or peter@heartriver.org. 
Overview of Monday evening tele-classes, taught by Peter Roth.  
They focus on special topics of self-discovery, healing and self-empowerment. In many of the classes, Peter will be working mostly with either his intuitive (psychic) skills to identify specific traits and information individually for each student, and/or the Human Design System which is a fairly new science using a combination of astrology, the Chinese I'Ching and chakras.  You will be given the opportunity in class to reflect and process your life patterning systems. The emphasis will be on how these subject matters are held in one's life.
The classes are designed to help see how our lives are patterned and dominated by our soul purposes, unconscious limitations and conditioning. Techniques will often be offered for students to tap into their hidden agendas and decipher the constraints to their success.
Our souls are striving for fullness and happiness in the face of our limited minds and egos. When we can recognize our true soul identity and give it the freedom to help manage our challenges and be in touch with its higher needs, we can reach fulfillment.  A number of classes are designed to reveal these strong patterns that we have lived with.
Learn how to change life patterns to stop any grip of self-sabotage and move to a life of inner strength and greater happiness.
Monday night tele-class schedule
Feb 1 - Identifying Past Lifetimes - Students have loved these past life time classes as I've tapped into their soul histories.  It's not just about the entertainment value.  I'll find lifetimes that have important meaning for you in today's trials.  Knowing our past is about knowing ourselves better.

Feb 8 - What is your purpose in this life?  - There are important reasons you've come to this life and there are certainly different chapters of it.  Even though this year has particular needs, there's an over-riding purpose you carry and many ways it can manifest.  I'll be using the Human Design System and other divining tools to see what you're here for.  You'll feel so much clearer about choices to make and how to appreciate your life better.

Feb 15 - What is your relationship theme? -The patterns of your personality attract unique relationship results and are derived from specific causes:  your ancestry and family conditioning; your relationship experiences; and your moment of birth which shows up in astrology, destiny cards, numerology and Human Design as well as other divining tools.  I'll work with Human Design and my intuition to convey important relationship information to you.  This will help you live and work better in your relationships.

Feb 22 - Healing analysis and empowerments  - I will analyze each person's energy field separately to see where the imbalances are and provide specific healing to rebalance them.  I'll also be able to give you special tools and techniques to use afterward.  You'll be on a more powerful healing path after this class. The healing energy for each student will also benefit the class as a whole.  There will also be class wide empowerments.

Feb 29 - Overview of Human Design - I'll explain how the Human Design System works while you can see your chart at the same time.  Not only will you learn a lot about yourself, but you'll understand why everyone else is not like you and why. It's really helpful to see who you are not so you can appreciate yourself so much better.

March 7 - no class

March 14 -  Identifying and transforming your shadows - Your shadows are behaviors you don't want to see in yourself and do your best to avoid.  They often have more power over you than you think.  It's best to expose them so they can be transformed.
In this class, you, me and Human Design will bring them forward and understand how you can dance with them and perhaps make them  your friend.  Imagine that!

March 21 -  How does the Law of Attraction have power for you? - This law actually works and you can have all you want as long as it's just what you're here for.  So, what are you here for?  Being in alignment with that can create all the power you need.  In this class, I'll use intuition and Human Design to show you what you're here to attract.

Classes are Monday nights from 7 to 9 Eastern time and are $25 each. You can take as few or as many as you'd like.  Use this link to get to the registration site.  The classes are by phone and/or internet so if you just want to join via voice on your phone, you'll receive an email response (usually within a half hour of the class) with the appropriate call-in info.  If you have a computer or smart phone, you'll receive a link to see the class on your screen and if you have a webcam, you can also be seen in the class.
Listen to Peter's weekly half hour internet radio show, Energy Stew.
Each week for the last 10 years, Peter has interviewed the most fascinating authors and innovators about consciousness, health, evolution, intuition, Human Design, past lifetimes, personal development and much more.

Occasionally, Peter uses the show for listeners to call in with questions and issues that he can provide answers to.

The live show is at prn.fm on Fridays at 11:30 AM Eastern time.  The archived shows are at energystew.podbean.com.

I hope you can take advantage of the above activities. Along with teaching and hosting radio shows, I've had a private practice for the last 20 years using my intuition, healing and counseling skills, and my certification as a Human Design System analyst.  You are welcome to call to set up an appointment.

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