September 2019
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Monday, September 2,2019 in observance of Labor Day
National Preparedness Month
We’re not ready to say good-bye to summer but September is already here, and fall is a few weeks away. September is a good time to prepare for winter. Along with gathering outdoor toys and raking leaves remember to schedule your lawn aeration and tree pruning. As we’ve seen in the past, storms with high winds, rain, hail, and early snow fall weaken branches which can cause some serious damage. It is highly recommended to prune young and mature trees as we roll into the dormant season.
DIY pruning:
Why you shouldn’t prune your own trees
For those of us that like to do the work ourselves here some things you need to know before you pull out the chainsaw and pruning shears.
 As a licensed professional tree company, we have seen all sorts of damage. Without the in-depth knowledge of the tree, you can cause more harm than good. When trees are pruned incorrectly, you may expose the tree to disease and infestation. If too much foliage is removed with improper pruning, the tree may not be able to photosynthesize which will cause it to starve. Another thing that can happen to is bark tears. The bark is a protective shield against elements and disease. When the bark tears, the tree is exposed and vulnerable. If you have been pruning your trees and you noticed damages, then it’s time to let a professional take over. Thankfully, you have the expert at Autumn Tree Lawn & Landscape on your side. We can handle all issues you have with your trees in a safe and professional manner.
Fire Blight
If your property is home to Apple, Crabapple, Pear, or other fruit bearing trees then it is likely you are dealing with fire blight. If not, count yourself lucky. Due to the amount of moisture along with the heat this year, fire blight is thriving. Named for the scorched appearance of infected leaves, fire blight is a destructive bacterial disease found on apples, pears and other members of the rose family. The disease enters the tree at the tips of the branches and then travels down the stems causing die back. It attacks soft new growth first, so you would notice die back at the top of the plant.

Most infected leaves and branch tips wilt rapidly turn brown or black; the leaves die but do not drop off. Trees will also develop reddish water-soaked lesions on the bark. On warm days, these lesions ooze an orange-brown liquid. Fire blight kills blossoms, shoots, limbs and sometimes, the entire tree. The bacteria overwinters in infected bark and is spread by splashing rain, dew, wind and insects. It spreads rapidly in moist, warm weather, especially during bloom.

Our recommendation includes a Cambistat treatment in fall, which helps starve out fire blight. Dormant pruning is necessary to cut out as much of the bacterial disease as possible. Pruning should be done by a professional due to the strict sanitation requirements.
Tree of the Month:
Emerald Green Arborvitaes
The dense narrow, emerald green foliage holds its color all year round. This conifer is an excellent choice to plant in a row as a formal privacy screen. The easy to grow hedge trees are ideal for planting next to foundations or other tight areas as an accent tree. Adaptability and versatility are key when it comes to the Emerald Green. The possibilities are endless, making the Emerald Green a popular hedge tree.
September Events
Meet the Rose Gardener
The Rose Garden
Wednesday, Sep 11

Drop by the Rose Garden for a visit with Rosarians from the Denver Rose Society. Learn about the various types and varieties of roses growing at Hudson Gardens and how they are cared for.

Corn Maze
Chatfield Farms
September 20- October 27

Wind your way through seven acres of corn. The maze can be viewed from two 15-foot tall illuminated bridges. Visitors under the age of 10 can explore the corn mini-maze.

16th Street Fair 
Downtown Denver
Fri, Sep 27 – Sat, Sep 28

The annual 16th Street fair celebrates fine art, handcrafted good in Downtown Denver. Take a stroll along the 16th Street Mall to enjoy a showcase of emerging artists and designers.

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