Weekend of Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday

Dear friends,

If you're looking for a reading recommendation, last year I read James Clear's Atomic Habits. Have you read this book?

While not a religious book, I think there is a lot in it that could be helpful to you in trying to build a spiritual practice, or overcome a particular bad habit that's getting in the way of your relationship with God.

I was reminded of this recommendation upon reading Dr. Jeanne's blog post this week. Especially if you're not ready for a whole book about habits, Dr. Jeanne's insights are immensely helpful.

She begins by reminding us that human beings need habits. We need routine! That's one of the reasons we come together each week to engage in the rituals of worship together--it's part and parcel of how we connect as humans.

Dr. Jeanne then offers a helpful strategy for assessing your habits and making next steps.

Take a few minutes to read this helpful post! If it resonates, maybe you could make an appointment with her for further guidance. You can also check out that book recommendation.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday at 7:45 AM or 10:15 AM. Until then, keep the faith, St. Paul's!

God's blessings,

P.S. - Reminder: my last Sunday with you all will be next Sunday, May 26, and I'm excited to celebrate St. Paul's and our time together following the 10:15 AM service. Our Hospitality Team Leader Lori Parault is asking for your help again for this special day. Follow this link to sign up to bring a particular dish that morning. Since I will become a "Canon to the Ordinary" in my next position, the title the team chose for this event cracks me up.

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