Do you feel an insatiable longing to return home to a place that you know in your heart, but have never physically been? 

Do you sometimes feel spiritually "out of place" in your current life circumstance and want to curl up in a "chrysalis" in order to become something more of yourself? 

Do you find it difficult to find a connection between your spiritual studies and your everyday life because "time and space" seem to be in the way? 

.....Then maybe YOU, like a fourth generation butterfly, are becoming a new kind of human.   

An Excerpt from  The Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children  by Douglas Gabriel

....The butterfly is the best example of metamorphosis and has great secrets to share about the present evolution of humanity. For instance, the butterfly starts as a dot (egg) on a leaf.  A simple place holder filled with the secrets of what it will become. Often, seven raised lines cross the top of the egg, perhaps a sign of what is to come. The egg is what we previously called, zero dimensions, just a place holder. 
    The egg hatches and the caterpillar emerges, first eating the remains of the egg and then eating voraciously in one forward direction. The caterpillar is somewhat one dimensional at first. Interestingly enough, the caterpillar sheds its skin five times in this stage, a type of sub-stage of the larger stage of the one dimensional caterpillar. 
    After a while, the caterpillar finds a nice two dimensional underside of a leaf to attach its back legs while it begins to spin its thread into a cocoon which resembles a crude sphere. The butterfly encloses itself in the tomb of the chrysalis which becomes a womb to the next stage of evolution. Its new home, the sac of the chrysalis, turns a one dimensional caterpillar into a two dimensional chrysalis of potential. The one dimensional caterpillar passes through the two dimensional chrysalis and then into the three dimensional butterfly that commands the three dimensions of space. 
   These first three stages are much like the three dimensions of space, but as a living metaphor. The butterfly dies and its progeny are born in the second, then third generations.  The archetypal butterfly, the monarch, emerges from each chrysalis stage and lives for a few weeks, wherein it reproduces the next generation.
   Then, a marvelous example of metamorphosis happens with the  fourth generation of butterfly. At the fourth generation, the monarch does something remarkable. It flies back south to winter, often thousands of miles, and returns home to lay eggs on the same milkweed plant upon which it was born. Its lifespan in this generation is a remarkable six to eight months. Here is how it looks: 

      Generation 1 Monarch:  Egg-cocoon-butterfly-reproduction-death (life cycle is a few  weeks)
    Generation 2 Monarch:  Same as generation 1
    Generation 3 Monarch:  Same as generation 1
    Generation 4 Monarch:  E gg-cocoon-butterfly-flies thousands of miles to winter-returns to  birth location to reproduce-death (life cycle six - eight months)

      The first generation butterfly lays eggs within a few weeks and then dies. The second generation monarch does the same and so too for the third generation. Short lives of about four to six weeks is all that the first three generations of monarchs are allowed.  Only the fourth generation has the encoded message to fly south for the winter and return six to eight months later. 
    This is a perfect picture of human evolution through the seven stages of incarnation and resurrection. In this analogy, humans are the butterflies that don't really come into existence until the fourth stage. For anthroposophists the analogy works out like this: the mineral stage is likened to the egg, the plant stage to the caterpillar, the animal stage to the chrysalis, and the butterfly stage to the human. 
    Interestingly enough, the next three stages of human development might be likened to the three further stages the butterfly needs to complete the cycle of seven. Humans are perhaps butterflies coming out of the chrysalis before they have spread their wings and filled them with air. After that, we can imagine that the awakened initiate might be the fourth generation butterfly flying south and then returning home to lay eggs and complete the cycle, in a life span unknown to the prior generations. It is easy to see why the butterfly is such an excellent example of the seven stages of metamorphosis and can lend great insight into where humans are in relationship to the monarch.

Are you like a first or fourth generation monarch?

The Reincarnation Journey

An Excerpt from The Gospel of Sophia: Sophia Christos Initiation by Tyla and Douglas Gabriel 
We should not be fearful of falling into the arms of the Mother who birthed us, receives us at death, and rebirths us again and again throughout many incarnations. Dreams are the nightly interactions we have with the mother of our consciousness, when we can tell no lies and hide no secrets. The night, with its receptive silence, knows all.

We must be willing to commune with both life and death. Death stands at the threshold of consciousness between physical and spiritual worlds. There, it holds all accountable for what they wish to carry across the river of forgetfulness on the path to the other world.

       The self-initiated are not afraid of death. They have direct confirmation that they are immortal. They knows beyond doubt that they have lived other lives and been reborn many times.
   We, the undying flames of wisdom consciousness, take many forms. Reincarnation as a human is the path of human consciousness becoming angelic consciousness. It takes many years to awaken from the sleep of the human kingdom into the eternal waking consciousness of the angelic. Many incarnations in the material realm are necessary before we are able to be awake day and night without sleep.
   Once we will have dreamed ourselves permanently awake, we will be finished with the forces of the moon and night. We will take our nourishment directly from the unfallen ethers of sound and life from the Tree of Life.
   Normally, an aspirant of the spirit will incarnate about once every 360 years, alternating between female and male bodies, even though there are no hard and fast rules. Some people need a thousand years between incarnations to prepare a suitable body. Great initiates can reincarnate within a very short period of time.
   There is no permanent death for a spiritual being. Each incarnation is like a new dream, half remembered through the capacities that were developed in previous incarnations and carried into the new one.
   By remembering the true inner impulses of past lives, one can build further on existing foundations. When the aspirant can begin to understand the way this impacts her consciousness, she can have access to skills and capacities carried from one life to another.
   As the aspirant learns that she is immortal, the initiate, more advanced, is learning to fully utilize the resources of the past. Both are like dreamers who remember the dream only in part, being cognizant of only a slim part of its meaning and purpose. Both aspirant and initiate are directly nourished by the spiritual world for the gifts they bring during dreams. They receive health and life-giving sustenance. This exchange of nourishment between the aspirant and the spiritual world is the goal-it's what one should be seeking through dreams.
   When the aspirant has completed the moral and spiritual work to refine the material world into food for the spiritual realms, spiritual beings will speak through her dreams. This form of earthly and cosmic nutrition is the symbiotic relationship we share with the spiritual hierarchies.
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Think of it like this, some of us played 3D games as a child--soccer, Chutes and Ladders, jump rope. Then we started playing Super Mario and Minecraft--4D video games. But as we matured spiritually, we yearned for a type of virtual game--something beyond 3 and 4D that would open portals and thresholds of the higher worlds and nourish us SPIRITUALLY. That is when we started playing the ultimate 
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