We won 1st prize in Gatlinburg's Harvest Festival Decorating Yeah!  

We hope this finds you well and happy and ready for the years most colorful and heartwarming season. Our fall show was exceptional  & lots of Paul Murray art went home with you all. We shared stories, sat on the porch, and got tons of hugs.  We so appreciate being able to share our life you all.  

Be on the watch for Extremely small editions of 50 or so with every image Paul releases; there's not much to go around, and it's priced good for your pocket at 75% OFF. The lowest edition so far was 150 and those went in a couple of weeks.

Paul Murray Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN will be open long hours from approx. May to Thanksgiving yearly and only open by appointment other times, or as you catch us there. We are giving you our full time personal attention in Tennessee summers, always by phone or internet. Just give us a call 865-436-8445 and you can catch us.
It's time for  Christmas, time for friends and family. This is the time of year we fill our hearts with love. Me, it's fall color, family and food and sharing many Paul Murray painting's.
 Read and see what Paul's been up to; find an old time recipe and stories,  info on our latest research in Appalachia, and of course  30  RED TICKET W
inners -  
 WIN  $8000 in prizes - WOW!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Be well, be happy and have tons of hugs & fun. 

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"Towards the Final Light" the original painting that spands 100" by 40", one of the top winners of Peoples Choice 2015 ArtPrize. Publish only  edition of 50 each size. It is magnificient is this unfinished stage. See the way Murray paints, understand the glazing done by masters centuries ago.  
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Click on the images to enlarge 
and see stories


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   Paul Murray "Paints the Blues" live 

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straw truck _ shine still with metal goat _Uncle Ned_
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No Trespassing! What does it mean in Appalachia?
Research in Jellico & meeting WIllis
Recently Paul & I went on one of our regular research trips to find people still connected to the old ways of Appalachia. Have you ever thought how we do this? Of course, we go knocking on strangers doors in the isolated areas of the Southern App. Mtns. Not a real safe occupation, and I wouldn't suggest it. 

Paul has a very rich knowledge of all that is of these folks, their history and their traditions. He knows the counties, and towns and history about specific people of the last 100 years. And me, Kati-Jane, I just know how to smile and talk up a storm, and have fun. I love visiting everyone and learning about everything. With this combination, and with good people and good luck; Paul & I have spent over 30 years bringing the best of these strangers, their life stories and their spirits to you.  

We recently met "WIllis" a neat man living in his family's old mtn home. His kind heart wouldn't let us go without giving us something. A large goose neck gourd he grew and was proud of was the smallest of gifts that he had already gave us his time, his stories and an invitation to come back.  Over the years Paul & I have met; moonshiners, quilters, basket makers, dulcimer makers, carvers, and ginsengers. In a few cases we have met mercenaries, dealers of illegal products, and others. We have done so with tremendous skill, caution and respect for everyone we meet. So when you come upon signs like these on "Willis's" property, think twice before you knock on the door. There is alot of wonderful people to visit in these Southern highlands, in our case it a rewarding experience that we are able to share with you. Thank you for letting us do so for all these many years!

Click here "Dolly Parton & Paul Murray"  story
New originals - new subjects - 
click on the images to get stories - facts - to enlarge
The Crossing Pencil $3975

"Red & Dolly" study pencil $395 13 w x 12h

"The Crossing" oil study 
  $5165 image 17 w x 27h

"Oil study for The Crossing"  $2165 15w x 13h
"Red Maples " pencil $765  15w x 17

"Caped Coat - major oil"   $1765  12w x 13
"Homeward" Oil work in progress 7 ft x 5 ft P Murray's first landscape in 30 yrs
"Homeward - Major study"     image 18w x 19H     $1965
"John Proffit -watercolor"   15.5 w x 15h     $1665
"All Mine study" $765   15w x 16h
"Red, Wilma, Dolly Homeward study" $965      18 w x 18.5h
"Hideaway Pastel" Major study   $1565   21w x 23h
Unce Ned - Red_s Goat
Prices in U.S. unless stated
Paul Murray Gallery TN open by appointment for winter 
For this winter come fer a visit to see Paul Murray  art by appointment or at "American Sideshow" Danny & John will give you a great experience 423-432-9476. Their fabulous collectibles stand tall in this old log cabin store. They are in Gatlinburg before light 3 on the river across from Hillbilly Golf.  Stop by and get your hearts filled. Give me a call anytime you have a thought, I'm not far away call at 519-377-7979 or katijane@paulmurray.com

New Paul Murray Spot click here for more info
30 Winning tickets 
Sponsors for Paul Murray Paints the BLues & some of the spo
Without their support we couldn't have had such a successful event. Thank you all for helping us make a difference in the community. The charity was John Freeman Walls Underground Railroad Museum. 
Sponsor of _Paul Murray Paints the BLues 2015_

Cadillac Hooker Band is for hire. They have been hired by the best; BB King, Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Downchild Blues Band, and many more. Make your party the best, bring the best to event and create legendary memories!
Add Paul Murray's speed painting and you have a fun,
top of the line combination. For "Paint the Blues" with P Murray call KatiJane
Band only call Gary Renaud 519-969-7851     fb       

  Paul Murray and Cadillac Hooker can perform at your event. Paul Murray paints super sized canvases ( 8 x 10') in minutes. All live to enjoyable fast paced music, while captivating the audience with mystery, drama and the unbelievable. Inspire, energize and motivate your team. An awe inspiring, experience.
Hire the best to send your annual mission or celebration. 
call Kati-Jane 865-436-8445

Red Ticket Winners are;      Keep your tickets until fall 2016
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8 pc Attic Collection prints of choice
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8 pc Attic Collection prints of choice
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*Paul Murray gallery has the right to limit or change items & substitute, Framing  & delivery is not included 
Paul Murray is dedicated to doing his utmost to preserve early American ways, while sharing the lives of special people. We thank you for your support through over 40 years. We hope you have enjoyed our gifts to you for Christmas; Masterful art at the best savings possible; 75% OFF. Keep looking out for this newsletter, I am going to add receipe's, art smart rules to keep & buy good condition art. A section of neat ideas to do with your art. More stories about the people we meet and paint.  I will try to do this quarterly.   I hope you enjoyed all of the hidden links that shared; TV interviews, performances, character stories, and still on the easel -work in progress Click on the links, call for info, keep in touch on facebook. Facebook is most current as I share daily happenings, and extra specials.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Paul_s spoiled cat seems to have a body too big for her wishes. I wish I could fit into everything I decide too_
Paul &
Katijane Murray
Paul Murray Gallery

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Famous Lady caught with Paul in Private apartment in Tenn  click to see more

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