July 2017
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Are the Europeans really that different? No - not when it comes to healthy eating. We all face the same daily challenges to eating healthy: we're busy, fast food is everywhere, and buying fresh can be expensive! This short video, produced by JP+ Europe, will remind you why eating lots of plants is so vital to good health... and why JP+ is "the next best thing".
The Colorful Truth about Anthocyanins

New word for you: Anthocyanins. Why do you want to know this word? Because it's one of the many reasons that JP+ is so effective.
This short article explains in clear language why these plant compounds are so vital to our health: "The plant kingdom boasts an arsenal of protective, naturally occurring chemical compounds that not only guard plants against foreign invaders and disease, but also benefit human health when eaten. One of the main types of plant compounds is anthocyanins, which are members of a group of phytochemicals called flavonoids. More than 600 structurally different anthocyanins have been found in nature. Best-known for the colorful pigments - including orange, red, purple and blue - they give fruits and vegetables, anthocyanins are revered for their potential ability to protect cells from free radical damage. However, research reveals anthocyanins also may help fend off an array of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and certain cancers."
Eating Advice, made simple

toddler with fruit
Eat food.
Not too much.
Mostly plants.

That is the simple, yet profound advice of food writer Michael Pollan. His 2008 best-seller, "In Defense of Food" provides details on this philosophy... so simple yet so profound. 

"I have a very simple food pyramid. There's food, and then there's processed food. I cut out all the processed food, so my pyramid is more of a stump. How can you tell when something is heavily processed? If it has more than five ingredients, it's probably not food."
3 Events this July!

We have 3 excellent events this month:
  • July 5th call - Beauty by the Bite
  • July 6th call/Zoom - Doc/Joc - Prevention/Performance
  • July 13th live - Food Facials
See below for details -  RSVP to me.

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july6 event
july13 event

60 Seconds with Tower Tim

Tim Blank, Tower Garden Creator, is providing "bite-sized" TG education videos. This one is so simple and very effective in keeping any bugs away from your produce!
tim blank
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