It's time to FALL into Reading!

If you're preparing for an impending storm this Fall,

add books to the Emergency Supply list and be prepared!

Emergency Plans aren’t just for hurricanes!


Picture this: Soft lamp light falls over the shoulder of a mom and child snuggled in a beautiful wing chair holding a picture book. Both their faces absolutely radiate joy as they gaze at the page together! The child is in the cutest jammies you have ever seen, Mom is relaxed and confident – calm, maybe even serene, totally confident in her role of mother and teacher of her precious child! Pull back and the room they are sitting in looks like something out of a home magazine – there is probably a string quartet in the next room providing classical music to read by that sets the tone of peace and love and serenity…



It’s not like that in your house?

Read More on how to prepare for a Reading Emergency.....



September's Kindercarton

is all about


Monthly Kindercarton contains:

  • Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington
  • 3 complete craft projects
  • Parent Guide
  • Monthly webpage with more resources and ideas

September Kindercarton - $49.95/month

Our monthly Kindercartons make it easy

to learn together as a family

Order your Kindercarton today

Spend time reading every day!

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