Are Video Brochure Analytics A Trojan Horse?

Video brochure analytics are a hot topic these days. If you're a business owner or marketer, that's understandable considering how much they cost despite their effectiveness.

I mean, they're not flyers, pamphlets, or postcards—significantly less expensive marketing pieces that don't seem to connect with consumers very well anymore. And PPC... Well, that often produces a lot of wasted money. But when it comes to results, video brochures blow those strategies away.

Seriously, as video messages targeted prospects can hold in their hands, how can they not work well in this day and age?

Okay... Rather than go on about that, we'll stick to analytics. Analytics are often what help produce high ROI, which is what we're all chasing anyway, right?

At the same time, how data is collected matters a great deal too, doesn't it?

So, to get right to it, here's Amy Hafen, President of MediaFast, and Bill Diaz, VP of Sales.

MediaFast Video Newsletter: Are Video Brochure Analytics A Trojan Horse?

After watching that, there's one point Bill made that I want to emphasize. Not that all of it wasn't interesting and highly informative. It's just that...

Anyway, here's the point: As marketers, we need to manage our prospective client's experiences.

For example, if our marketing turns them off for any reason, it'll probably be ineffective. Or if our target audience has to think very much to understand our points, that'll probably make our marketing ineffective as well.

On the other hand, if it feels engaging and creates excitement like video brochures, our target audience is more likely to continue down our sales funnels.

And with response rates as high as 66%, isn't it easy to understand why video brochures should make your phones ring? To learn more, click MediaFast Client Testimonials.

And finally, here's one more point I'd like to repeat: If tracking to collect data sours what otherwise would have been a great experience—especially when it isn't even necessary to increase effectiveness—then it should be avoided. At least that's our recommendation.

After reviewing this, if you'd like to see examples of our video marketing products, click MediaFast Product Gallery. Or to learn how we can help you successfully distribute them, contact us at

This Month's Case Study:

Grow Team - Marketing & SEO Services

Grow Team is an online marketing and SEO services company. Before collaborating with MediaFast in 2015, their marketing strategy was to engage their target audience each month with personalized letters and informative booklets.

However, looking for a more productive strategy, they started using video brochures and their results drastically improved. As they continued using them, their results continued to improve. Now they mail thousands of units each month because the ROI is just too good for them to miss out on, and we're thrilled about their success.

Grow Team - An Example of one of their video brochures from MediaFast.
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