Volume 03 | March 28, 2024

Happy Doctors Day!

Saturday, March 30th, 2024

Time to celebrate you!

On this day, we want to take a moment to say, "Thank You" for everything you do!

This Saturday, March 30, 2024, ADEMS joins in celebrating National Doctors Day! 

We appreciate all our physician members and acknowledge your incredible care and daily commitments provided to your patients and community. We support you always, but especially today!

Have a wonderful Doctors Day!

On March 30, CPHP is celebrating one full year of offering Doc2Doc! We know that human connection is the key to successful medicine. Doc2Doc allows physicians, PAs, and trainees to connect with a physician health expert to consult about their health and wellbeing. Doc2Doc is free of charge and completely confidential. 

ADEMS joins the Colorado Medical Society in offering this service. Many physicians having workplace or situational concerns would benefit from true peer-to-peer support from a physician well-being expert. C

Call 720-810-9131 for any concern -- stress, a relationship issue, poor outcome -- and schedule a confidential follow-up with a physician trained in psychiatry (in person, via video, or by phone). Don't wait until a problem gets too big. Utilize these free peer consultation sessions whenever you need them!

Click here for more DOC2DOC information

Colorado Patient Safety Culture Under Threat-

Register today for an upcoming webinar to hear more - Monday, April 8th at 12noon

There are several initiatives potentially heading to the Colorado ballot this November that, if passed, will fundamentally change the patient safety culture in our state.


Several initiatives could effectively end confidentiality around all patient safety activities including peer review, event reporting systems, credentialing processes, and more. The other initiative could eliminate medical malpractice caps. The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association is leading all these initiatives.


ADEMS board of directors joins in being deeply concerned about these efforts and knows our physician members are too. Colorado Medical Society (CMS), Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) are close partners of Coloradans Protecting Patient Access (CPPA), which is leading the charge against these existential threats.


Join these industry partners at the upcoming webinar Monday, April 8th at Noon to learn about the collaborative, industry-wide effort to defend against threats to Colorado’s current medical liability and peer review protections in the legislature and at the ballot box this November.


Register here today!