Volume 04 | March 30, 2023

Today is National Doctors Day!

Congratulations to our winner!

Congratulations! Dr. Karen Koto at Littleton Pediatric Medical Center for entering and being selected as our 2023 "National Doctors' Day" chance drawing winner. Littleton Pediatric Medical Center's Highlands Ranch location (see the photo of staff member Chloe) received a beautiful Kneaders basket for their staff this morning, a catered breakfast or lunch on a day of their choosing, and a professional development workshop package donated by Colorado Physician Health Program.

Today, and every day, Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society appreciates all of the gifted physicians in our community for their commitment, sacrifice, and hard work. We value your passion for improving the health and well-being of ALL patients.

Thank you for being the truly special doctors that you are

We would like to thank our Doctors' Day sponsor, the Denver Medical Society Foundation, for helping ADEMS sponsor this day.

Attn: ADEMS Physicians-

New Benefit Launch

 Doc2Doc Wellbeing Consulting

Arapahoe-Douglas-Elbert Medical Society endorses Doc2Doc Wellbeing Consulting, a new program from Colorado Medical Society providing three (3) free, confidential, pre-clinical peer wellbeing consultation sessions for any Colorado physician or medical student.

  • Call 720-810-9131, 24/7, to speak to a masters-level licensed clinician
  • Schedule a confidential follow-up with a physician trained in psychiatry (in person, via video, or via phone call, depending on your preference)
  • Discuss any concern -- ie: stress, relationships, poor outcome

A study published by the American Medical Association, the Mayo Clinic, and Stanford Medicine in December 2022 showed an alarming 62.8 percent of physicians experienced symptoms of burnout in 2021, up from 38 percent the previous year. This follows similarly concerning studies that indicated one in every five physicians planned to leave practice within two years, while one in three anticipated cutting back their hours.

Many physicians having workplace or situational concerns would benefit from true peer-to-peer support from a physician well-being expert. 

Doc2Doc is meant to provide pre-clinical assistance to any Colorado medical licensee or medical student without lengthy documentation or extensive evaluation.

Don't wait until a problem gets too big. Utilize your free peer consultation sessions whenever you need them.

Click here for an informational one pager

Physician Employment Contracting: Understanding What's in Your Contract

ADEMS invites you to attend our upcoming in person seminar:

Presented by:

Kari Hershey JD

Hershey, Decker & Drake, PPL

Wednesday, April 12th, 2023

6:30 PM

Denver Medical Society - Conference Room

1850 N. Williams Street, Denver

Whether you are just a few years out of residency or an experienced physician looking to make a move, before you add your John Hancock to any physician employment contract, it’s important to know exactly what you’re signing. During this presentation, you will learn the key components of the contract and what you need to pay attention to the most.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Knowing the entity with whom you are contracting
  • Contracting options (independent contractors and employees)
  • Contracting forms (the difference between oral representations and written agreements)
  • Important contract terms: Duties, Call, Liability, Termination
  • Changing laws regarding non-competes

Please reply with your full name no later than April 4th

Light dinner provided

Questions? Email ADEMSstaff@gmail.com.

RSVP today!