Stepping up to the Water Scarcity Challenge
In an industry battling water scarcity, Aqua Membranes is stepping up to the challenge. As Global Water Intelligence recently noted, as semiconductor fabs are surging towards water reuse and treatment optimization, Aqua Membranes’ Printed Spacer Technology® is increasing water treatment efficiency by increasing active membrane area while reducing energy consumption in the RO process.

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National Water
Quality Month
What do coffee, maple syrup, and car washes have in common? Quality water that is both safe and consistent. As we wrap up National Water Quality Month, learn how Aqua Membranes’ Printed Spacer Technology® can optimize the RO process to deliver just that!
Protecting the Technology
Aqua Membranes has been issued two new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which include pattern and element design attributes covering every pattern we have developed and tested to date. Our collection of patents provides coverage that will span decades into the future as we continue to perfect Printed Spacer Technology®. 
Aqua Membranes Goes to West Palm Beach
The 2021 Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition was a hit! We’re thrilled that we got to connect with so many of you and, together with Henkel, share how Aqua Membranes’ game-changing Printed Spacer Technology® optimizes flow pattern and turbulence, cutting the cost of buying, operating, and expanding RO systems.
Reverse osmosis elements are everywhere in our daily lives. Learn how the Aqua Membranes team has developed a patented, game-changing technology, saving energy and saving water going down the drain. 
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WEFTEC 2021!
CEO Craig Beckman will be taking the stage at the SDG 6 Theatre to present: “Water Efficiency: solving the disconnect between consumers and manufactures” and discuss how together we achieve true global water sustainability.
About Aqua Membranes
With its unique Printed Spacer Technology®, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane water filtration in home RO systems, desalination, food and beverage, and industrial processes.  Applying a unique customized raised pattern to flat sheet membranes, the new technology replaces conventional mesh feed spacers in spiral-wound elements. This simple innovation dramatically lowers user operating expenses and capital costs and increases water throughput capacity.

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