APRIL 2022
Water and Wastewater Asia interviews
Aqua Membranes CTO CJ Kurth
Offering critical takeaways from 25 years of water industry experience, Aqua Membranes CTO, CJ Kurth, talks about the evolution of membrane technologies, 3D printing technologies, significant water sector trends in Asia and worldwide, and the importance of desalination and water recycling for supporting a more sustainable economy.
What's next for membranes?
CEO, Craig Beckman, joined Bob Crossen from Wastewater Digest to talk about trends and innovations in the membrane technology space. Hear his insights on the future of membrane tech.
Water Positive Zero Carbon
This year’s Global Water Summit, May 16 - 18 in Madrid, will explore “water positive zero carbon,” a strategy for improving freshwater resources while reducing emissions. Aqua Membranes is excited to participate! If you’re attending the summit, email Aqua Membranes CEO Craig Beckman to schedule a meet-up: craig@aquamembranes.com.  
Investing in our Planet
The theme of this year's Earth Day, held earlier this month, was investing in our planet through action, innovation, and implementation. How we choose to spend our resources can impact our ecosystem, including our most precious resource, water. It's never too late to find ideas and inspiration for how your resources can make an impact.
About Aqua Membranes
With its unique Printed Spacer Technology®, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane water filtration in home RO systems, desalination, food and beverage, and industrial processes.  Applying a unique customized raised pattern to flat sheet membranes, the new technology replaces conventional mesh feed spacers in spiral-wound elements. This simple innovation dramatically lowers user operating expenses and capital costs and increases water throughput capacity.

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