April 2021
Consider running for elections!
Council is the College’s board of directors. Council sets the College’s strategic and policy direction, and makes decisions that protect and promote the public interest.

This July, kinesiologists in the following districts will participate in elections to Council:

  • District 4- Central (two spots)
  • District 5- Central West (one spot)
  • District 6- Western (one spot)  
Reminder: Volunteer for a virtual PPA
In spring 2021, the College will resume peer and practice assessments (PPAs).

PPA is a legislated quality assurance program requirement and a key function of the College’s regulatory mandate. It’s an educational, structured interview conducted by a trained peer assessor that assesses kinesiologists’ knowledge, skill and judgement. It also helps kinesiologists identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement within their practice.

How you can help

The College is looking for volunteers to pilot the virtual PPA format this spring. This pilot involves a video conference with a trained peer assessor that will be no more than three hours. There will be a patient/client record review component, but the format will be compressed. You will self-assess your record keeping with one patient/client record against a checklist before the pilot, then discuss your record keeping with the assessor during the interview.

The pilot is an opportunity to provide the College with feedback on whether the instructions and support for navigating the file sharing platform and Zoom were adequate, identify pain points and suggest revisions to enhance the process for the next cycle.

If you're interested in this opportunity, email Lara Thacker, Director of Quality Assurance, at lara.thacker@coko.ca.
A note on re-deployment

On Friday, April 9, the Ontario Government introduced new emergency orders that permit the re-deployment of health professionals working for Ontario Health and Home and Community Care Support Services to hospitals. Learn more.

Earlier in the pandemic, the College developed a series of FAQs to guide kinesiologists who may have been re-deployed to other settings. You can view the guidance by clicking below.

If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Lawrence, Practice Advisor, at danielle.lawrence@coko.ca.
COVID-19 guidance for R.Kins
During Ontario's stay-at-home order and state of emergency, regulated health professionals are permitted to practise. The College's would like to remind kinesiologists of the College's COVID-19 guidance and the following tips:

  • Screen patients/clients at the time of booking and on the day of the appointment. Consider virtual care as an option, particularly if a patient/client screens positive for exposure to the virus or is at risk of complications should they contract COVID-19.
  • Always wear a mask and other appropriate PPE, such as eye protection.
  • Wash your hands with soap or use a Health Canada approved sanitizer before and after each patient/client interaction and when putting on and taking off PPE.
  • Clean and disinfect all patient/client contact surfaces after each use.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces in your place of employment, including reception and break room surfaces.
Update on COVID-19 vaccinations
As the provincial government begins to roll-out vaccinations across Ontario, health professionals are being prioritized based on the important work they are doing.

Each public health unit is developing its own vaccine distribution plan. The College is currently working with public health units to distribute vaccine booking information to kinesiologists. Public health units are contacting the College individually to distribute information on their behalf, and we expect this process to continue for several weeks. 
Has your contact information changed?
Has your email address or telephone number changed? Did you recently change jobs or home addresses? If so, you must update you information with the College within 30 days of the change.

Your information is available on the Public Register of Kinesiologists. Having up-to-date employment information is important information for members of the public who may be looking for an R.Kin. The College primarily communicates via email, so it's important that you have an active email on file that you check regularly. Occasionally, we may need to telephone or mail information to you, so it is important that your contact information is current. You can see the information we have on file by logging in to your account.
What you need to know about upcoming privacy changes
As a regulated health professional, it is important to understand your obligations under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Updates were made to PHIPA, along with amendments coming into effect in the future, that kinesiologists need to know.

Key updates:

  • Health Information Custodians (HICs) will be required to establish and monitor an audit log for any electronic health records. The log must keep track of who accesses which parts of a patient’s/client's records and when, to prevent snooping or other privacy breaches.
  • HICs using electronic health records will have to provide patients/clients access to an electronic version of their records to allow for patient/client portability of their records.
  • The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) has been given significant additional powers, including increased access to information from HICs (e.g., access to the electronic health record audit log), the ability to impose administrative financial penalties for non-compliance with PHIPA and doubling of fines for offences under PHIPA.

In the event of any significant privacy breaches, you must notify the IPC immediately and you are required to file an annual statistical report with the IPC outlining all privacy breaches.
Starting your own practice? Remember these tips.
The College is receiving more questions from R.Kins who are looking to start their own practice. While we cannot provide specific advice on the pros and cons of starting a business or specific financial and/or legal advice, we've developed a helpful checklist of considerations as they relate to your registration with the College. If you have any questions, contact Danielle Lawrence, Practice Advisor, at danielle.lawrence@coko.ca.
College publishes CPMF submission
“How well are Ontario’s regulatory health colleges protecting the public interest?”

This is the question the Ontario Ministry of Health asked health profession regulators, like the College of Kinesiologists, to answer when it developed the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF).

Health regulatory colleges exist to protect the public interest. To help the public understand how well colleges are doing their job and to help continually improve accountability, transparency and oversight, all colleges are reporting on their work in the CPMF Reporting Tool. The new tool was developed by the Ministry, together with Ontario’s health regulatory colleges, subject matter experts and the public.
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