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This is a great resource to locate service options in whichever county you live in. Click on the service you are interested in and then sort by count you or your family member resides in.

The New Jersey Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) is a 17-member body appointed by the Governor which maximizes opportunities for people with disabilities through planning and advocacy.

Personal Assistance Services Program
The PASP provides routine, non-medical assistance to adults with disabilities who are employed, involved in community volunteer work, or attending school.
Personal assistants help with tasks such as: light house keeping, bathing, dressing, preparing meals, shopping, driving or using public transportation. The total number of hours a person can receive is determined based on individual need, up to a maximum of 40 hrs/week. A distinction between the PASP and other personal assistance programs in NJ is that the PASP requires self direction; meaning the individual with the disability must direct his/her own services.

24/7 peer support helpline and other programs are staffed by mothers of children or adults with special needs who have been trained as counselors with the support of mental health clinicians.

By now our families have received their Camper packets. Please make sure to contact your Support Coordinator to make sure the funds are being allocated through your family member's budget. If you are interested in your family member attending camp, please ask your Support Coordinator to assist you.

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Community Based Individual Support Program (CBIS)
The CBIS program provides individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability the assistance of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) on a one-to-one basis. Our DSPs work with an individual both in their home and out in the community to achieve or maintain the goals and objectives that have been identified in their Service Plan. Participation in community-based individual supports provides the opportunity for increased independence and personal growth.
Stretching the Budget...
Each individual is assigned a Tier which correlates to what the dollar amount each individual will receive for supports. In previous newsletters we have discussed the tier of the individual and what the budget amount is. Remember, an individual can have two or three budgets depending on which program they are enrolled (Supports or Community Care Program) Stretching the budget simply means looking at additional resources to find the same service but through another entity.

Some examples of stretching the budget:
  • If your family member is interested in working: A job coach or supported employment can be paid through the individuals budget. However, before spending dollars out of the budget your Support Coordinator will make a referral to DVRS (discussed further below).
  • Art Classes: Art classes are available through agencies that can be paid through the individuals budget. However, your Support Coordinator can look to see if there may be classes available at your local Michael's, craft stores, etc.
  • PT/OT/Speech: These services can be allocated from the individuals budget but first we may contact the individuals HMO to see if services may be available
Employment Starts Here...
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
The mission of the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services ( DVRS ) is to enable eligible individuals with disabilities to achieve an employment outcome consistent with their strengths, priorities, needs, abilities and capabilities

Services DVR May Provide:
  • Career Counseling
  • Supported Employment
  • Job Accomodations
  • Training Opportunities

Meg Barry
Meg has been doing this type of work for over 30 years! She has been and continues to be a great advocate for all of her individuals who she works with.

Meg is a single mom to her daughter Maddie who is currently finishing her Sophomore year at Towson University.

In her spare time she enjoys reading books and is involved in a book club. She also participates in the Polar Plunge in Seaside Heights each year. Meg enjoys being at the beach during the summer.