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April 2014
paymentSecure payment processing 
Your customers are getting more savvy about internet security these days. Given the frequent news about security breaches, they should be.

They might be a little confused, though, about how secure their Webtix purchase is because when they are on your Webtix page making a selection they will not see "HTTPS" or a lock icon.

Once they choose their tickets and go to the payment gateway checkout page, they will find themselves on a secure site for payment.

If any of your patrons are concerned, you may wish to put up a little notice telling them that they will be redirected to a secure site for payment.
updateCan't download a Wintix update? 
It could be that your internet connection is too slow or you may be behind a firewall that prevents you from downloading update from an outside source.

We will need to email you some files and you can install the update manually. Contact us at or 831-920-1254.

pictureSend us pictures, please!  
In addition to bringing you helpful content, we like to keep our newsletter fresh and interesting to look at.

So, every month we try to come up with new images for the top of the newsletter that reflect elements of the theatre, illustrate an included topic, or are just fun and timely.

What we would really love is to include pictures of our treasured customers' performances or venues.

We'd like to brag a bit about who you are and what the picture is!

So, if you'd like to help a newsletter editor out and see how beautiful your picture would look here, send one to


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performanceThe Performance Summary Report
The Performance Summary Report is a valuable tool to help you analyze individual performances. It gives you detailed information on the number of tickets sold, total sales, total collected and the percentage of the house sold.

It can assist the marketing department in knowing which performances need more publicity and promotion. It can be used to determine what days of the week and times are the top sellers, and what kinds of shows do well for planning upcoming seasons. And it's a great way to monitor on a regular basis how sales are going for each show.

We highly recommend you add this report to the ones you run on a regular basis. Your directors, managers, and accountants will wonder how they ever did without it.

Read more about how to run the Performance Summary Report and to see an example.
multipleAdd multiple performances to a show in a jiffy

Are you an organization that produces two or three daily shows year round, or has your show been so popular you're extending the run by adding new performances?


Did you know you can add multiple performances in Wintix all at one time?

slugSystem being sluggish?

Is your system sloooooow?

Some clients intermittently have sluggish connection issues that are usually related to their network and/or their internet connection.

If that happens to you, get out a box of slug bait - or shut off all computers, then reboot the router, server and computers. Occasionally, something will get hung up in your networking that will cause this problem.

There is more information on diagnosing this issue here.

Please make sure you're running the latest build of Wintix on all computers, too!  If you need help please contact  
sizeSize matters!
At least for images on PDF receipts it does!

Wintix allows you to put whatever graphic you want on your PDF receipts, whether it be your logo or a show graphic.

However, images should be no larger than 25K.

Larger than that and it's like trying to stuff a big dog into a small doghouse and that can obviously cause problems!
bounceAre your emailed receipts bouncing?
If you are using a Yahoo email address to send receipts through Wintix, this could become an issue for you. And it could become an issue with other email providers in the future.

Recently, a Wintix user reported that they and their customers were no longer receiving the customer receipt and PDFs for ticket sales. In fact, the emails bounced because Yahoo recently made a change in the authentication policy for that is resulting in bounces for some senders. This specifically occurs if you're sending from email addresses (which our customer was), but aren't sending directly through Yahoo's servers.

You will want to set up an alternate email to send your receipts. We can set you up with a address if you need one.
  • It will probably happen again with other companies. In other words, Yahoo is the first, but not the last. 
  • These schemes are pretty common when people try to stamp out spam. It is a constant battle with the spammers.
  • If you are not receiving the email receipts, let us know. We can investigate the cause. 
  • We are here to help! Because of the complexities of this issue, you may need our expert tech support.