April is National Poetry Month

This poem was written at the Quincy Farmers Market on Friday, August 13, 2013.

Festooning Renga 

by Kevin Dye & Thomas Flanagan

Festooning makes connections,

we decorate the place,

by linking hands around our world,

here, let me make the case.

We must become a network,

an interchange,

a face,

a someone we all recognize,

Placemaking the Place.

Then we become resilient,

from "how's it going" to "let's do."

We cope with bumps and bruises,

yet speak up and join the crew.

The "we" that comes together,

are drawn not dragged along,

to weave a heartfelt fabric,

of honey, grain and song.

The soft touch of our spirit,

reaches into each and every hand,

sharing what we gather,

to rebuild our wounded land.

Lives are linked like fingers,

tucked closely in hopeful reach,

and warmth will kindly linger,

when we learn as we seek to teach.

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