2019 Gala
Transatlantic Forums
Podcast & Interview
Tables are selling fast!
NYC: Get your tickets to the 2019 Gala at the Rainbow Room on June 4!
A possible US recession?
NYC: Transatlantic Forum discussion with Chief US Economist at Oxford Economics
Chicago Transatlantic Forum
Chicago: Launch of our newest chapter on April 29 in partnership with the French Consulate of Chicago
Podcast: Good Code
Journalist & Transatlantic Forum member Chine Labbe on ethical dilemmas in the digital world and the individuals who work to navigate these challenges
Interview with a Young Leader
Fatima Hadj, Senior Financial Executive, on her experience in the financial sector during the 2008 crisis and how to strengthen the field for the future
In the News
French & English news synopses of topical issues on both sides of the Atlantic, from the Yellow Vests movement to transatlantic economics
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