APRIL, 2024

WCVC Pet Health Monthly

The Grey Muzzle Organization's partners are dedicated to the care and well-being of senior dogs, their mission is a fundamental piece of our mission as well to keep people and pets together. We could not be happier to be able to work with the Grey Muzzle Organization to make medical care for senior dogs accessible and affordable to pet owners.

This is Teddy! Teddy is a 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He was presented to the clinic for a front leg amputation. His mom wanted to share some of his recovering photos and how the Grey Muzzle grant helped get Teddy the care he needed!

"The grant helped because there was no way I could come up with the money to help him myself. We were already pretty far set back from the emergency visit alone. Teddy is a part of our family, he's been there before my kids were even here! I'm not ready to give him up yet " -Teddy's Mom


This month during our vaccine clinics our staff administered 214 vaccinations!

Just interested in vaccinations, nail trimming, microchipping or preventatives? Book your pet's next appointment today and just pay for the services! No exam fee!

Vaccine Clinic Appointment

WCVC is proud to be a teaching facility, offering hands-on experience for training veterinarians and 4th-year student externs through our Veterinary Externship Program.

Trainees work under the direct supervision of our licensed DVMs to gain critical skills through interactive experience in real-world veterinary medicine.

😀 We've had the pleasure of having Becky, Mel and Liz!

* 1 year Lyme Vaccines for $30!

Preventing Lyme Disease 

Does your dog spend a lot of time outside in the woods or in tall grass?

Ticks live where your dogs play! Make sure to check your pets for ticks.

Check their ears, eyelids, under the collar, toes, tail ,back legs and groin.

Protect your pet against Lyme disease- A bacterial illness transmitted by "Deer Ticks" that can cause fever, lameness, and swollen lymph nodes.

If your dog has had a Lyme vaccine, don't forget about their monthly flea and tick preventative for more protection.

Is your Pet in need of surgery?

Call 608-224-1400 today to schedule a $30 special surgery consultation! During this consultation we will examine your pet, look over medical records, and create an estimate for treatment/surgery. After this visit we can discuss payment options and scheduling.

Request a Special Surgery Consult

Meet Christina!

Christina is an integral part

of our spay and neuter surgical team. She takes care of every spay and neuter animal as they pass through induction.

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