For those who may be new here, my name is Trisha Zukowski, and I'm a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with over 10 years of experience in supporting couples, as well as individuals through compassionate care and advocacy. I graduated with a Master of Social Work degree from Wayne State University, where I gained the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the lives of others.
As a clinician, my specialties include relationship issues, anxiety, stress, trauma/PTSD, depression, grief/loss, OCD/obsessive-compulsive disorder, and ADHD. I'm deeply passionate about helping couples and individuals navigate these challenges using evidence-based therapeutic approaches. 
I utilize several approaches in my practice, tailored to meet the unique needs of couples and individuals. These approaches include Family Systems Therapy for addressing relational dynamics, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for trauma and PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for managing anxiety and depression. These are used together with Emotionally Focused Therapy to promote secure attachment and strengthen relationships.
Couples therapy offers a safe and supportive environment for partners to address challenges, enhance communication, and strengthen their bond. Here are some of the positive outcomes couples can experience through therapy:
  • Improved Communication: Couples therapy provides a platform for partners to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs openly and honestly, leading to enhanced communication skills and deeper understanding.

  • Conflict Resolution: Therapy equips couples with effective conflict resolution strategies, helping them navigate disagreements and find mutually satisfactory solutions.
  • Strengthened Connection: By exploring underlying issues and fostering empathy and understanding, couples therapy helps partners reconnect on a deeper level and rediscover the bond that initially brought them together.
  • Enhanced Intimacy: Through guided exercises and discussions, couples can explore intimacy barriers, build trust, and reignite the passion in their relationship.
  • Building a Shared Future: Couples therapy helps partners align their goals, values, and aspirations, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and harmonious future together.
Lately, I've been reflecting on the transformative power of couples therapy and the positive impact it can have on relationships. Witnessing couples overcome challenges, strengthen their bond, and create a more fulfilling partnership is incredibly rewarding, and I feel privileged to be a part of their journey toward healing and growth.
Whether you're seeking support as a couple or as an individual, therapy can provide the guidance and tools you need to navigate life's challenges and foster personal growth. If you and your partner are facing difficulties in your relationship, or if you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other mental health concern on an individual level, therapy can offer a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and goals. Please don't hesitate to reach out - I'm here to help you on your journey toward healing, resilience, and empowerment.
5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask a Therapist, According to a Therapist

Chances are you’ve heard the stereotype of therapists as blank slates – they sit behind you while you lie on a couch and tell them your life story while knowing nothing about them at all. While some therapists have operated this way, there are some things you might like to know about your therapist that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

While your therapist might not choose to answer all of your questions, it is still important to ask about things that matter to you. You might be comfortable with not knowing much about your therapist, or not knowing could be a deal breaker to you. How your therapist handles this is meaningful. This is why it’s important to have these conversations with your therapist.

We are excited to welcome two new clinicians to the Lakes Center team.

Both Anne and Linda work with kids and teens and have extensive experience in providing therapy and well as collaborating with parents and the school systems to ensure successful accommodation planning.
Lynne Lyons Legacy Scholarship Announced
In a very special honor, Walled Lake Central High School named a scholarship award after our very own Dr. Lyons, who is a longtime supporter of the Walled Lake High School Performing Arts and Marching Band Programs.

The Lynne Lyons Legacy Award is designed to support students at Walled Lake Central and Western High Schools who are passionate about pursuing their musical talents through private lessons. Dr. Lyons was deeply touched by this recognition, which was made especially poignant as her youngest daughter Max, a senior at Walled Lake High School, surprised Dr Lyon by asking her to come up on stage at a musical perfomance.

You can watch the video by clicking below.
Mental Health Tip:
Tackle Projects You’ve Been Putting Off
We all have a mental list of projects we really need to tackle. Start your “mental health spring cleaning” by writing down all of the things that you’ve been putting off, like home repairs or going to the skin doctor, and making the necessary appointments to get everything in hand.
Mental Health Tip:
Change Your Perspective
Accept that you’re not perfect and neither is the world around you. Instead of focusing on issues that make you frustrated, look to the moments of progress and joy instead.
We provide comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapy services for a vast array of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychotic illness, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse/addiction, trauma related issues, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and behavior problems. Call (248) 859-2457 to set up an appointment.
Did you know? SPRAVATO® can have a rapid antidepressant response and is added on to an antidepressant and the rest of your regimen. It is the first new mechanism of action to treat depression that has come out in over 30 years. 
There is hope for treatment-resistant depression. Call (248) 859-2457 to set up an appointment.
We provide comprehensive DBT services to provide effective treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other disorders involving emotion dysregulation, including co-occurring substance use disorders, major depressive disorder, and individuals with history of trauma. At Lakes DBT Center, we believe that with effective evidence-based treatment and a caring and coordinated treatment team, clients can create a life they love.
Groups Starting Every 8 Weeks
Contact Josephine Salem at or Catherine DuFresne at for the starting date of the next group.

Choose between:
Mondays 11:00 am - 12:30 pm, or
Wednesdays 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Lakes Center, 2300 Haggerty Road, Suite 1170, West Bloomfield, MI 48323

This is an adult outpatient therapy group treating depression and anxiety related mental health disorders. Click here for more information!
Anne Campbell, PhD

Anne is a fully licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of children, teens and families. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialty in Child and Family Treatment in 1985 from Oklahoma State University. Her undergraduate studies were at Kalamazoo College with work at Johns Hopkins in the Kennedy Child Development Center. She is licensed in both Michigan and New York. Further, she is trained in Play Therapy and Family Systems Therapy. She has worked for over 35 years in private practice, community mental health, hospitals, courts, and school settings; evaluating and treating children with a variety of challenges.

Linda Fershtman LLP
Limited-License Psychologist

Linda Fershtman, has been practicing psychology for 26 years. She is dually certified in both clinical and school psychology. Before joining Lakes Center Mental Health Network, Linda was the Managing Director and clinician for 11 years at Lakes Area Psychological Services. Linda also has extensive experience in the school setting working with individuals from ages 5-26. Having worked as a school psychologist for 25 years, her rich experience allows her to witness and support the unique difficulties, challenges and problem-solving complexities of children, tweens, and teens. She also has a tailored skill set with school collaboration, helping to guide parents and schools with IEP and accommodation planning.