Touring a historic home or estate like Houmas House takes visitors on a journey back in time. With each room, artifacts, artwork and furniture tell a story about life over a hundred years ago.
One surprising realization for our visitors is the pioneers before us were more advanced than we credit them for. Many modern day objects we use everyday were also available in some form.
This baby walker is on display in The Parent's Room of the Houmas Mansion. Although this model dates to around 1830, the first records of this contraption date back to 1646. It was then called a Go Cart or a Walking Trainer. Today's versions are equipped with gadgets for entertainment, but the concept is the same from the 1600's.
Every historic home tour along The Great River Road has its own approach to telling the history of this area. Our approach at Houmas House is to walk through the 250 years of this once modest trading post to the estate you see today.