A Note from Dr. Wendy Watson, Principal
Hooray! The Garry Community Center, known as the GCC, is now officially open after many months of delays due to materials supply issues. We will spend the spring months fine-tuning our staffing and operations inside the space. Right now, the GCC offers student and family support through Communities in Schools, Bite 2 Go, Gonzaga University, and the Department of Family and Community Engagement. The space also provides a clothing closet! Next year, the College Success Foundation will return to provide college and career readiness support. And finally, this space not only allows for academic tutoring, but provides an alternative schooling experience through GPL – Garry Personalized Learning.

In April, we will return to in-person, monthly PTG (Parent/Teacher Group) meetings in this space as well. Stay tuned on that specific date in the evening which will be the perfect time to see the GCC!

For more questions, contact our new Student Support Specialist, Devony Audet, at 354-5170.
Character Trait of the Month:
April’s character trait is Respect. Students who display this trait recognize, consider, and properly honor the worth of one's self and others.
February Students
of the Month

Peyton Rangel
Elyah Gosser
Nick Phillip Jr.
Christian McAndrews
Sierra Gradt
Emma Olsen
Genesis Morales
Botie Jokon
Andrew Gannaway
Olive Stubbs
Amani Ndayishimiye
Yasmina Yadin
Holidays and Early Dismissals
Students will be released early at
2:15pm on Friday, April 22nd
for a Teacher Collaboration day.

Spokane Garry Middle School will be closed for Spring Break from Monday, April 4th through Friday, April 8th. Students will return to school on Monday, April 11th.
Supporting Families - Supporting Students
Hello Garry Families! My name is Devony Audet. I am so excited to join Garry as the new Student Support Specialist. As a parent of a Garry alumni and future Garry students, I know it can be challenging navigating our education system on top of the everyday challenges of parenting, especially if you live in unique circumstances like myself with a son who has autism. This is why I am so excited to work in my own community, partnering with parents to connect them with all the resources our school, district, and community has to offer. From one parent to another, don’t hesitate to reach out if you or your student needs help! My email is DevonyA@Spokaneschools.org and my number is 509-354-5170.
Raven's Nest Homework Center
Raven’s Nest Homework Center is available every Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Spokane Garry Middle School. Students have the opportunity to catch up on any missing assignments or homework. Students must sign up a day prior to attending Raven’s Nest as there are limited spaces. If you would like your student to attend Raven’s Nest, please sign up through the following academic interventionists:
  1. ELA/SS--- Parker Postlewait Parkerp@spokaneschools.org
  2. Science--- Bailey Dickinson Baileyd@spokaneschools.org
  3. Math--- Daphne Funston Daphnef@spokaneschools.org
Autism Acceptance Month
Autism, also known as ASD, affects 1 in 68 people. If you are a student, you are likely in class with someone who has autism. If you are a teacher, you definitely have students with autism. And parents will likely encounter someone with autism on a regular basis. April is Autism Acceptance Month which is a great opportunity to learn about something that impacts so many members of our community. Autism is a unique way of seeing the world and while it might be different, it is important to realize that differences should be celebrated and embraced. Some notable people with autism include Tim Burton, Courtney Love, and Elon Musk - examples of how thinking differently positively impacts society. Social interactions can be difficult for those who are on the autism spectrum; so this month is a good time to remind ourselves that kindness costs us nothing, but it will change the world if we make it a priority. Saturday, April 2nd is Autism Acceptance Day so wear blue in solidarity. For those of you reading this who are on the spectrum, take April to celebrate the unique and amazing person you are! 
Women's History Month Equity Banners
In honor of Women’s History Month, students in social studies classes this March learned about 10 notable women and voted for four of them to be placed on new equity banners to be placed around the school for next year. The following banner honorees who will join J.K. Rowling and the NASA Mathematicians: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, are:
Scientist: Madame Marie Curie
Entertainer: Selena
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Athlete: Serena Williams
Our AVID students are spearheading our upcoming community service project when we return from spring break! Our theme is helping shelter animals. Stay tuned for news on how students and community members can support our annual service project and help homeless and shelter animals in the Spokane area.
Raven Circle
Raven Circle Students went on a campus tour of Gonzaga University. Students learned about the historic campus and the programs Gonzaga has to offer. Students earned participation in the campus tour by attending Raven Circle three times a week.
Days and Times: 
Monday-Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM 
Tuesday-Friday 8:00-9:00 AM 

If you have questions email: juandiegol1@spokaneschools.org 
State Testing
State testing is right around the corner. Spokane Garry Middle School students will complete the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), the annual state measurement of student achievement and proficiency in ELA & Math in May. Seventh graders who took the truncated 6th grade assessments in the fall will take the full 7th grade ELA SBA the week of May 9th and the Math SBA the week of May 23rd. Eighth graders who took the abbreviated 7th grade assessments in the fall will take the full 8th grade assessments, ELA the week of May 9th and Math the week of May 23For 8th graders, in addition to the ELA and Math SBA, they will also take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS) the week of May 16th.

This is a great opportunity for students to show their growth over the 21-22 school year. The ELA and the Math tests are broken into two main sections: the computer adaptive test (CAT), which provides questions that get more challenging as students answer them correctly and less challenging as questions are answered incorrectly to find a student’s achievement level, and the performance tasks (PT), which are more open-ended questions where students demonstrate ability to support thinking with text evidence and rationale. 

These assessments are delivered in content classes through a secure browser on their district provided laptop. It is important that students are in attendance and bring their charged laptop with them to school each day. Please let Mr. Hibbard know if there are questions about our state assessments. 
Sports Updates
Wrestling: The Spokaloo Wrestling Tournament was held Saturday at Salk Middle School. Garry wrestling brought the A game with Parker Eastman and Hailey Ramsey finishing in 6th place, Malekye Fletcher and Pierce Turnage in 5th, Jaelynn Luna and Kyra Saniatan in 4th, Ethan Sweeney in 3rd, Aiden Rouse in 2nd, and Cade Lawlor, Elijah Rhoades and Travis Toombs winning their brackets.

Remember Raven Wrestlers, no matter where you go in life, Raven mania will never die!

Girls Basketball: The Spokane Garry girls basketball finished a strong season of victories as well as personal and athletic growth. What began as a group of girls learning the game transformed into a triumphant group of athletes who competed as a team.
 Ashley Richards, Aubrie Lowman, and Sierra Graf led the way with strong defense, high scoring output, and dynamic gameplay. But without the exceptional off-ball movement of Sherlynn Cruz, Yasmin Lopez, and Elizabeth Hoffman, the offense would not have been as affective.
 Alicia Umana received the Spokane Garry Spirit Award for consistently demonstrating joy in the game and a desire to learn. Adelina Knop was awarded the Most Improved Player for growing exponentially in decision making and dribbling. Defensive Player of the Year was awarded to Sierra Graf, who provided 20+ blocks on the season. Offensive player of the Year was awarded to Aubrie Lowman for consistently lighting up the scoreboard. Yasmin Lopez was awarded the 6th Woman Award for helping to center the offense. This year’s MVP was Ashley Richards, who provided consistent play night in and night out. Every player on the team did an exceptional job and received honors for their improvement throughout the season.

Boys Basketball: The 8th grade boys JV basketball team had a terrific season. The boys worked super hard to learn and improve their skills and had many 6:50am morning practices. This is a great sacrifice that the boys and their families made all season.

The team’s skills improved significantly in defense, rebounding, passing, and most of all, running the fast break. The team ran an up-tempo offense that overwhelmed the other teams. Some performance highlights include:
Aareel Washington who ran the team with his dazzling array of passes leading to easy baskets for his teammates. This earned him the nickname of “Dimes." 
Tony Orozco was our leading rebounder, shot blocker, and scorer all season. He was our anchor, keeping our team competitive in every game and leading us to victory in 5 games.

Our Most Improved Player was Joseph Thompson, who showed tremendous growth both on the court and in the classroom. He was a big contributor to our success.

Finally, Graham Nesbitt was instrumental with his speed and scoring ability. He made big improvements to his point guard skills over the course of the season.
Congratulations on a great season. It was a pleasure to coach all of the boys. Other notable contributions to our success were:
Aidan Adsit - rebounding and defensive specialist.
Kolby Epler - steady/calming hand during the games.
Ignacio Guzman - became a big contributor as the season progressed.
Dallas Lyman - Mr. Layin – shot about 95% when he was around the basket.
LeBron Smith - provided a big spark as he joined in the last 5 games of the season.
Adin Wimmer - huge improvement over the season.

Upcoming sports are as follows:

7th/8th Track & Field                    April 11- May 27
7th/8th Baseball                             April 11- May 27

If you have questions, please contact Kim MacPherson at 509-354-5138

Sign up for Family ID here!
Staff Spotlight!
Sarah Young - 8th Grade English Teacher
Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by?
My life’s motto is, “Love first, always.” I believe that if I choose love and kindness first, the rest will work itself out. Since starting this work in my life, I have seen so many positive changes.

What are some pets you’ve had or would like to own?
If I am lucky enough to have you as a student, you already know the answer to this question. I am a wee bit obsessed with my cat Shorsey. However, I have also been told he could be a model and they are NOT wrong.

What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?
I have a tattoo on my left arm that reads “bibliophile” which means collector and lover of books. Books are also made of paper which will come in handy on said desert island. The books I would choose to bring are For Everyone by Jason Reynolds, The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, and Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. 

What do you love about your job?
I love getting to have really awesome conversations with really cool young people. Getting to be the person who sits down with Spokane Garry students to talk about everyday life, literature, how to do all sorts of things, and their futures is the greatest privilege of my life. Teaching is my job, but it is also my joy.

What’s something people don’t know about you?
I have watched Disney’s animated classic film Aladdin over 500 times.