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Conference season is well underway for our team and we're excited to be attending important patient-centered events that allow us to have collaborative discussions with industry experts. These conversations help us understand the most effective way to support those we serve throughout their healthcare journey.

Missed our March webinar on SSI and SSDI benefits? You can now watch it on demand at your convenience. Gain valuable knowledge and insights on these important topics and learn how to apply for these benefits.

We recently had an engaging discussion with Pharmaceutical Executive on the evolving landscape of healthcare. Rewatch the conversation for insights into the latest industry trends and strategies to improve access to healthcare.

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Amplify Your Voice, Control Your Care

Understanding Social Security Benefits: A Guide to SSI and SSDI Programs

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • the differences between the SSI and SSDI programs
  • how you can help others apply for these benefits
  • more about related programs such as Extra Help
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Understanding Healthcare Access Barriers: Industry Trends and the Patient Assistance Approach

  • Understand the latest developments in medicines and policy that are shaping the healthcare industry
  • Identify key trends influencing access to care
  • Learn effective approaches that can be employed to address barriers and enhance healthcare access

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Keep Your Receipts!

As a reminder, our Patient Policies state that all transaction receipts must be kept for at least 6 months and are subject to audit. In addition, all transactions should be related to the diagnosis associated with the program to continue receiving assistance. Should you have questions about what types of services or items are covered under the program, please contact us.

Open for Applications

At the time of this email, the following programs are open for applications*:

  • Circadian Rhythm Disorders
  • MPS 1
  • Oral Health Fund - serving Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana residents
  • Plasminogen Deficiency (travel)
  • Pompe


*Program space is limited. Programs are open on a first-come, first-served basis and will only remain open as long as funding is available.

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