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Pyramid Power Spotlight
What just happened at Chichen Itza?

In the video you can see how a small tornado forms that extends towards the clouds and that can be seen in a large area of ​​the archaeological area. What are the chances?
It is said that every March 21, the Mayan diety Kukulkan descends down the north stairway of the “El Castillo “ pyramid , a spectacle that is observed by thousands of visitors who come together in the archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá and at the same time they receive the spring equinox.

However in the video you can see what they say was the arrival of the deity to the site probably hours before expected. This opens up some interesting questions with respect to what the Maya and Toltec may have seen many years ago.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Summerhill Pyramid Winery is a pioneering Okanagan Valley BC, Canadian Winery established in 1991. Owned and operated by its founder and owner Stephen Cipes and family, the winery has been a leader in organics, converting their own vineyard holdings to a certified biodynamic vineyard.
The philosophy of winemaking is that organic and biodynamic grapes, grown in harmony with the ecosystem, is the starting point for authentic, expressive, terroir-driven wines. Summerhill has earn the title of ‘Canadian Wine Producer of the Year’ from the IWSC in London, and garnered much international acclaim both for their taste and flavor.
Stephen Cipes is the spiritual guide and visionary behind the winery. His drive, energy, openness, and welcoming spirit spread to everyone around him. Cipes is truly the drive behind the Pyramid Winery and has made it what it is today .
"The knowingness of eternity awaits us in this sacred chamber. The word Py-ra-mid means "fire in the middle". We all have this fire in the middle. It is our hearts, our souls. We are mostly liquid and we are affected just like the wine is affected. The effect is clarification. If a wine has a flaw in it, the flaw is accentuated. If the wine has good qualities, they are enhanced. We humans are mostly liquid so when we enter this sacred chamber, it is a grand opportunity to clarify our own inner selves. This chamber helps us to get to the knowingness of who we are. We are electrical in nature, with impulses running from our brains through our spinal columns. We are receivers, we are conduits, and this chamber enhances our receptiveness, opening the left and right sides of our brains, much like the dolphins, whales, and elephants who are in touch with Essence, the all-one ‘soul of the world’.
The Summerhill Pyramid is second only to the Great Pyramid of Egypt for alignment and precision. The Great Pyramid is built with technology we don't have today. It is a solid stone structure with the stones fused together so perfectly that you can't put paper between them. The stones are so large that we do not have the equipment to move them, much less cut and place them as the ancient civilization that built the Great Pyramid did thousands of years ago. It remains the largest man made structure on the planet and it is built to absolute sacred geometry, both pi and phi, and aligned to absolute True North and has no ferrous metals in it so that it does not re-orient to magnetic north.

The message is profound. We have a twenty year experiment proving the effect of sacred geometry on liquids with a twenty year track record of international gold medals. My goal from the beginning was and is to make the finest wine in the world, especially sparkling wines. The French tradition of putting sparkling wines in a dark cool place for thirty days for the cuvee and dosage to ‘marry’ was my original inspiration to achieve this goal. The wines are made using only minimal intervention winemaking, and grown 100% organically in this extraordinary pristine semi desert valley, them keep for 30 days under the Summerhill Pyramid.  the clarification in this True Pyramid is the final step in production.
I welcome you with my heart, to open your heart to this unique experience."
-Stephen Cipes, Founder & Proprietor

Documentary feature film on Bosnian Pyramids. Exciting story about discovery of the first European Pyramids, oldest and biggest on the planet. This project has become the most active archaeological location. Leading independent researchers have proven that pyramids are energy machines affecting in beneficial ways human health, sprituality, energy fields, molecular structure of the water and food.

Author and narrator: Dr. Sam Osmanagich ( ), Bosnian Pyramid discoverer and Principal Invetsigator, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Archaeological Society of Alexandria, Ph.D. in Mayan pyramids, author of 17 books on ancient civilizations. His work has been followed by CNN, ABC, BBC, Ntional Geographic, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, etc
Bosnia 2019 TOUR
NEW DATE... September 1-8

Tour the Mother Pyramid...The Bosnia Pyramid of the Sun!

Hosted by Marta Thomas.
  • The Founder & Producer of Global Pyramid Conference
  • Pyramid Event Planner
  • Originator of the Pyramid Energy Meet-ups
  • Pyramid Based Business Consultant
  • She is also a Board Member of the Bosnian Pyramid Foundation
  • and has organized many group tours to the Bosnian Pyramids since 2010.

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Upcoming Meetup in Chicago
Global Pyramid Network presents SPECIAL 3 hour Meetup focusing on Pyramid Healing & Pyramid Meditation!

Experience an EXCEPTIONAL group of Pyramid Healers & Meditation Pyramids!

Meditate inside each pyramid to find the perfect one!

Special 3 Hours of unlimited pyramid healing & pyramid meditation!

Various pyramid models on display to try out!

Pyramids available for purchase.

April 11th 6:30pm-9:30pm

Cost is $45

No need to RSVP. Pay at the door.

Arthur Faram of the Faram Research Foundation will present underwater pyramids!
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