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Community Development Mentoring Program
Mentors and Mentees of the Community Development Mentoring Program show their Certificates of Completion.
On March 11, 2021, all 13 pairs of mentors and mentees graduated from the Community Development Mentorship Program!

We are so proud of all of our participants and are excited to see where their next steps take them in the housing and real estate field.
Community Building
Mindful Boston Partnership
MKI partners with Mindful Boston to provide regular community meditation nights (sign up for our next one HERE!).

In addition, we have Gena Bean has provided a free 10 minute meditation for public use.
Cambridge Health Alliance Daily Free Community Practice
CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion provides a full calendar of online programs centered around community and wellness.
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Community Organizing & Planning

Nonprofit Governance

Racial Equity

Economic Development

  • NeighborWorks Self-guided Classes: Insurance Basics, Student Loan Basics, Engaging Older Adults in Financial Capability Programs, Building Skills for Financial Confidence, Being Green Seeing Green: Counseling Clients to Maximize Energy Savings

Real Estate Development

  • NeighborWorks Self-guided Classes: HECM: Counseling Basics Overview, Mortgage Lending Fundamentals, Foreclosure Basics for Homeownership Counselors, Best Practices to Improve Your Foreclosure Intervention Counseling


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Andrea Ponsor, Althea Arnold, Michael Bodaken 
The report highlights the current challenges and opportunities for preservation and provides case studies on how to use preservation tools to address the affordable housing crisis.
Boston College
In this era of having witnessed multiple police killings of African American boys and men and girls and women either directly or vicariously through media accounts, communities of Color may experience post trauma symptoms. The ISPRC Alumni Board has released a toolkit for managing symptoms at #racialtraumaisreal which is available to download.
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