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April Newsletter 2024

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Welcome to the April newsletter of Opportunity Enterprises, Inc.! As the season changes and spring has officially sprung, we are thrilled to embrace the outdoors and all the opportunities it brings. Our team is bursting with excitement to step outside and enjoy the fresh air. Join us as we embark on new adventures and continue our mission to make a positive impact in our community. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and opportunities to get involved. Let's make this spring season one to remember!

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Rising Stars Therapeutic Farm

Here's What's Happening At The Farm In April

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April has arrived at the farm, bringing with it a plethora of exciting spring activities for all to enjoy. Our sensory trails are currently being meticulously groomed, ensuring a delightful experience for visitors of all ages and abilities. With the sun shining brightly, there's no better time to step outside and immerse yourself in the fresh farm air. We are also thrilled to announce that Amanda Therrien has joined our team as the new barn manager. Her extensive experience and passion for riding make her the perfect fit for our farm.

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RSVP to atherrien@oeime.org
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The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

Spring On Over To The Bakery And See What's Cookin'!

Get ready for a sizzling month as our bakery is heating up in April! From freshly baked croissants to delicious sweet treats, we've got all your cravings covered!

Did you know?

You can order our delicious, buttery, flaky croissants in bulk! Perfect for hosting brunch and they also freeze brilliantly! Try it for a breakfast sandwich or as is with a touch of butter and jam with coffee.

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Starfish Greenhouse & Farm Stand

The Gardens Are Bursting With Life!

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Spring has finally arrived and we're excited to welcome the season with open arms. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and everything is starting to bloom. It's the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, go on long walks, and spend time with loved ones.

Out & About In The Community

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🎉 Hey everyone, in case you missed it in last month's newsletter, let's give a big round of applause to Tom for absolutely dominating the first annual OEI ice fishing derby! 🐟🏅 His 12.5lb northern pike was a real showstopper, and we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate his epic win! 

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Getting outside for fresh air and hoops!

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Another successful Meals On Wheels delivery run

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Team Bath had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an Easter basket making event sponsored by the local charitable organization, Dogwill. Dogwill is known for its generous support in providing free supplies for pets to many individuals in the community. Their impact extends beyond just pet supplies, as they also contribute in various other ways to help those in need. It was an exciting experience for Team Bath to be a part of this event, marking our first involvement in an HCBS event in our new area. We are grateful for the chance to give back and support such a meaningful cause alongside Dogwill.

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Visiting ClearView deer Farm in Livermore

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Team Mexico had a delightful experience at JB Farm Store's maple shack, where they indulged in the delicious combination of maple syrup and ice cream. Not only did they satisfy their sweet cravings, but they also gained valuable insights into the process of sustainable harvesting and storage. It was a perfect blend of enjoyment and education, making their visit both enjoyable and informative.

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Oh, it seems someone decided to take a break from cash calendar sales and dive into the wild side by getting to know some of the animals at Mr. Drew and His Animals Too

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OEI booth at Mountain Valley High School's College & Career Fair 2024

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Picking up some mouthwatering treats at The Cupcakery Cafe & Bake Shop

Welcome New Team Members

Tyler Veilleux - Direct Support Professional 

Amanda Therrien - Barn Manager

Natervia Manuel - Direct Support Professional 

Rahma Dudeyeh- Direct Support Professional 

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Star Of The Month

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 This month we would like to recognize Donna Harriman as OEI’s April “Star on the month.” Donna is a shared living provider in our Searsport Region and has been part of the OEI Family for many years. Donna goes above and beyond in her role as a shared living provider. She provides a caring and supportive environment to the individuals in her home. She is a fierce advocate who works tirelessly to ensure the individuals she supports are able to live their best lives. Donna is a busy woman, constantly driving folks to and from appointments, social opportunities and other commitments and never complains about having to do so. Donna truly believes that every individual deserves to live the life they desire and she “walks the walk” when it comes to the service and support, she provides. Thank you, Donna, for all that you do! We look forward to working alongside you for many more years to come!

Kindness Activity

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March Recap:

In March, we cooked up something special with our Dinner In A Basket kindness campaign. With the help of generous donations, we were able to serve up complete meals to families and individuals in need within our communities. It's amazing what a little food and kindness can do to fill both the stomach and the heart!

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