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New Teacher Alert!

Vinyasa Flow - Level 1/2

Fridays at 10:15a

Please welcome, Lauren Rae Chismar! A dedicated substitute at YS since 2022, Lauren is now starting her own class with us!

Yoga Buddies!

6 Month Unlimited Yoga

With Yoga Sanctuary's Yoga Buddies program, two members* who enroll together will pay a monthly rate of $99 each!

  • At least 1 Buddy must be a New Student at Yoga Sanctuary
  • If either buddy cancels early, the other will be converted to full price ( $109 / month )

Earth Day with Yoga Sanctuary!

Join Yoga Sanctuary in helping make our world a happier, cleaner place this Earth Day by doing simple tasks like picking up litter, recycling, and cutting use of plastics in your house. You can even go the further step, and visit Earth Day's official website to learn more about the environment and its dangers, find ways to act, and even donate if wanted! We included the link to their website below, so all you have to do is click!

Teacher Spotlight: Lauren Rae Chismar!

Interested in Lauren's class?


Vinyasa Flow - 1/2 - 10:15a

Lauren-Rae began her Yoga journey in her early 20's, what started as just a workout soon turned into a much more fulfilling practice. It was always a goal of hers to become a Yoga Instructor. In 2020, that goal became a reality and she received her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Orlando, Florida. She loves to teach Vinyasa Flows. Lauren-Rae believes that we all have endless potential and that yoga goes beyond the physical. It helps to balance, heal and grow our lives in every moment & movement. Her mission is simple, to create a space for others to discover the power of their true selves.

Yogi Of The Month: Nancy Crow


"Yoga Sanctuary is my community; my laboratory for learning about myself; and my spiritual home for nourishment and growth. The power of practicing in Yoga Sanctuary is also found in the students who create the sangha each time we gather."

🧘‍♂️ Meet our Yogi of the Month: 🌟

Nancy Crow! 

Nancy moved into town in 1999 with her husband and their two young children, looking for a yoga studio to continue her practice in. In early 2003 Nancy found her teacher in Sherry Goldstein and her yoga home in Yoga Sanctuary. For over 20 years, she has been nourished and guided by the yogic principles modeled by Sherry and the other teachers at the studio. For Nancy, Yoga is the discipline of showing up, of discovering who she is on that given day when she steps on the mat and for feeling the daily challenge of balancing body, mind and emotions. Part of the richness of her practice comes from Nancy's love of the dharma, the sacred teachings. She is a reader of the Yoga texts, ancient and relevant, which feed her soul and gives her a hand-hold in this turbulent world that we live in. Nancy especially enjoys Sherry's classes as she is a living dharma teacher and weaves the teachings into each class she gives. She is also supported regularly by Eliza and her "beautiful, humorous, and steady approach to creating an immersive yogic experience." She can also describe Rachel as another gifted teacher who polishes, refines and deepens her practice each class she takes. "I am forever grateful for this space and appreciate the efforts and vision that Sherry and Marcia had for creating Yoga Sanctuary and to Jessie and the staff for keeping it relevant and for providing us with this opportunity to explore and embrace this sacred, yogic path."


Bolsters & Bubbly!

With the use of yoga props, like bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye pillows, there will be no effort on your part but to relax, breathe and listen with restorative yoga and aromatherapy. Plus, an ice cold glass of bubbly after class with social time! We have all the yoga props required for this event. Just bring your yoga mat, water and a friend!

Saturday, April 6th - 3:00 - 5:00p

Intro to Handstand: Two-Part Series

This workshop is aimed at students who are interested in just starting out their handstand journey. Drills and exercises will be catered towards building a foundation of strength and body control. Students will leave with an understanding of proper handstand technique as well as a basic program that can be continued to further build towards their inversion goals.

Saturday, April 13th - 3:00 - 5:00p

Saturday, April 20th - 3:00 - 5:00p

Sound Bath

Explore the many different types of sound using Crystal Bowls, Himalayan Bowls and Gongs…to name a few. We will deeply immerse as the sounds bathe you during this Sound Healing experience. Surely, you will travel to a state of BLISS!

Saturday, April 27th - 3:30 - 4:30p

Soul Dance: Movement & Meditation

This workshop is about going on a journey to the deepest parts of yourself.  It is about exploration, fascination, presence, embodiment, courage & curiousity about YOU and how you are showing up in life. How we show up on the dance floor gives us a beautifully clear picture of how we are showing up in LIFE!

All are welcome & no experience necessary! 

Saturday, May 11th - 4:00 - 6:00p

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