April 2023
Celebrating Israel at 75
ICRF is proud to mark this momentous occasion and celebrate Israel's leadership in scientific excellence and groundbreaking cancer research.

Follow our social media throughout the month for spotlights on the ICRF grantees who have been recipients of the prestigious Israel Prize in the sciences, which is awarded annually by the State of Israel and is regarded as the country's highest honor.
Circle of Inspiration: Robyn Grosshandler's Journey
The Circle of Inspiration is a way to share inspiring stories related to the cancer journeys of members of the extended ICRF family and support cancer research. 

What advice would you have for people on their own cancer-related journey?

Post-cancer can feel almost as hard as having cancer and going through treatment some days. It’s ok to have bad days, as long as you seek out the help you need – in whatever form that may be.

In May, the ICRF Circle of Inspiration will honor the mothers in the ICRF extended community. Throughout the month, we will share the stories of mothers from the Circle of Inspiration and their cancer journeys. Honor your mother, grandmother, or bonus mom. Tell us why she inspires you and help inspire others to raise money for the fight against cancer.
ICRF Research Investigates Role of Microbiota
and the Immune System in Oral Cancer
Naama Geva-Zatorsky, PhD of the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, recipient of the ICRF Lea Weinstock Research Career Development Award, is researching new treatments and approaches for early detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC).

The main challenge in OSCC is early detection. While the five-year survival rate for patients with early stage OSCC may reach 80 to 90 percent, for patients with late stage OSCC, the five-year survival rate drops to 40 percent. In recognition of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Professor Geva-Zatorsky discusses why understanding the biology of these tumors and deciphering the role of the oral and tumor microbiome in disease initiation, progression and prognosis is necessary for improving the current treatments and developing new approaches for early detection.

This award is crucial for us to pursue our elaborate and thorough research, and I am so grateful for it. 

Professor Geva-Zatorsky
Spotlight on ICRF Researchers
Avram Hershko, MD, PhD
Technion, Israel Institute
of Technology
ICRF Research Professorship Grant

During the process of cell replication, abnormalities can occur. One such abnormality is when identical sets of chromosomes do not replicate equally into the new cells; some cells have too many chromosomes while others have too few. This inequality is key for the development of tumors: too many growth-stimulating genes in a cell can lead to uncontrolled growth, and too few inhibitors of growth in a cell can also cause uncontrolled growth. The goal of Dr. Hershko's research is to identify how they might therapeutically inhibit the development of these abnormal cells.
Avi-Hai Hovav, PhD
Hebrew University
ICRF Project Grant

Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is the most prevalent cancer of the mouth. Unfortunately, it is usually diagnosed in the later stages of the disease, when treatment is not as effective. Therefore, early diagnosis is crucially important. Dr. Hovav’s objective is to identify mechanisms involved in the early development of OSCC in order to uncover predictive markers.
Michael Berger, PhD
Hebrew University
ICRF Project Grant:
The Dr. Peter J. Stambrook Award in Cancer Medicine

The goal of Dr. Berger's research is to develop a new T cell for use in Adoptive Cell Transfer that will be able to effectively treat solid tumors. Dr. Berger's team plans to create T cells that use a different form of sugar to power them because glucose-fueled T cells run out of energy in the glucose-deficient microenvironment of solid tumors. It is his hope that this simple improvement in metabolism will contribute to the transition of T- cell therapy from a promising treatment to an effective one.
Request for Applications in Pediatric Sarcoma Research
The Israel Cancer Research Fund, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), and Alan B. Slifka Foundation (ABSF) are pleased to issue a joint Request for Applications (RFA) for collaborative proposals focused on fusion-positive pediatric sarcomas. Deadline to submit a Letter of Intent is May 1, 2023.

Upcoming Events
7:00 PM

Chicago Get On Board for Research

Get on board for ICRF Chicago's fifth annual women's event! For women of all ages, this year’s motif is a hands-on dessert and cheese charcuterie-making experience in support of women's cancer research. Tickets are going fast! Sponsorship opportunities are still available! Contact Sandy Rosen, Chicago Development Director, sandy.rosen@icrfonline.org.

7:00 AM
TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Sign up with Team ICRF to cycle the TD Five Boro Bike Tour. Just a few spots remain! Contact Alan Herman, National Director of Advancement, alan.herman@icrfonline.org or David Kweskin, CT Area Director, david.kweskin@icrfonline.org.

11:00 AM
Toronto Women of Action Celebration

ICRF Toronto’s 21st Annual Women of Action Celebration at the Park Hyatt will pay tribute to four extraordinary women for their achievements in health sciences, community philanthropy and business. The 2023 honorees include: Pam Albert, Inspiration Award; Alison Himel, Community Award; Dr. Donna Reece, Scientific Award, and Tracy Sandler, Business Award. For tickets and sponsorship opportunities contact Estee Buzaglo, Events Manager, ebuzaglo@icrf.ca.

7:00 PM
Connecticut Get On Board for Research

Get on board for a fun evening in support of women's cancer research with ICRF Connecticut. Learn how to make a beautiful charcuterie board with instructor Julie TelRav at Temple Sinai in Stamford, CT. Contact David Kweskin, CT Area Director, david.kweskin@icrfonline.org.


Second Annual ICRF Tri-State Golf Outing

Join ICRF on the green for the second annual Tri-State Golf Outing at GlenArbor Golf Club in Bedford Hills, New York. Contact Alan Herman, National Director of Advancement, alan.herman@icrfonline.org or David Kweskin, CT Area Director, david.kweskin@icrfonline.org.


Chicago Revolving Tables Networking Event

ICRF Chicago’s signature Visions young professionals networking event is back this summer! Mark your calendars -- this unique networking event is not to be missed. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Sandy Rosen, Chicago Development Director, sandy.rosen@icrfonline.org.

Chicago Drive Fore Research Golf Classic

ICRF and Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation are teeing up to raise money for research on early detection of pancreatic cancer at the inaugural Drive Fore Research Golf Classic at Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, IL. The event is sold out!

Chapter Highlights
Left to right: Ariela Gutfrajnd-Glowinsky, Co-Chair; Jennifer Ouaknine, Executive Director; Michael Glowinsky, Co-Chair
Toronto Revolving Tables Draws Hundreds
of Young Professionals 
ICRF Toronto held its 12th annual Revolving Tables (RT) networking event in March with 400 guests in attendance and 34 mentors representing a broad range of sectors. With Ariela Gutfrajnd-Glowinsky and Michael Glowinsky's leadership as co-chairs, the evening raised significant funds for cancer research in Israel. ICRF is grateful to its devoted sponsors, ticket holders, donors, raffle purchasers, presenting sponsor Peakhill Capital and Lighthouse Credit Union, and Mantella Corporation for supporting our signature RT every year!

Science At A Glance
What is Immunotherapy?
Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses a person's own immune system to fight cancer. Immunotherapy can boost or change how the immune system works so it can find and attack cancer cells. 
News Roundup
  • Israel scientists find how pancreatic cancer spreads and kills - study (The Jerusalem Post) Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered that changes in the processing of RNA molecules – and not genetic changes in the DNA – drive pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) tumors to become metastatic, offering the possibility of new treatments for pancreatic cancer. Although this study, recently published in Nature, was not funded by ICRF, several brilliant ICRF-funded scientists were involved in this research project, including: Rotem Karni, PhD (ICRF Research Professorship Grant recipient), Erez Levanon, PhD (ICRF Acceleration Grant recipient), Talia Golan, MD (former ICRF Project Grantee), and Ela Elyada, PhD (former ICRF Postdoctoral Fellowship recipient).

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