It's a wondrous season of
rebirth, renewal, releasing old patterns and creating miracles!!  


This is a time of blossoming our Souls as we continue to evolve into the true Divine Beings that we are.   As the frequencies of the Spring Equinox continue to infuse us with New Light (probably right up until the Summer Solstice) it's also a time during which some of our deep core beliefs are being challenged.  This will give us an opportunity to release and let go of sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that impede our ability to to manifest our dreams. As we continue through the Ascension process, getting in touch with the love that we are helps us to be more in alignment with our true Divine purpose from a higher personal vibration. Here are some ideas to consider:
   *  Staying balanced and grounded is
   *  Stop pleasing others in order to
keep peace
   *  Be
honest with yourself and others
   *  Spea
k your truth with love and kindness 
   *  Choose peace instead of drama   
   *  Do more of what serves your highest good
Staying uplifted raises your vibration
   *  Ta
ke a leap of faith and trust higher guidance
   *  As the veil thins be prepared to 'see' more
   *  Spend more time with the natural
   *  Love is our natural state of being. 
Let's embrace the opportunities to recharge and revitalize our personal power and our sense of intention.  And, through affirmations we can further facilitate our journey of self discovery  as they help us to brea
k free from destructive cycles.  They can  empower us to take charge of our lives so we can  come to a place of 'knowing' that is beyond our beliefs, beyond even faith...  knowing is simply a state of being that draws unto us all that we desire.

Self Realization Affirmation 

I AM a reflection of divine power which enables me to carry any burden as though it did not exist.

Within me lies the eternal spar
k of divine wisdom which assures my spiritual realization.

The 'ALL THAT IS' is master of my life and so in that I AM Divine Love, I wal
k in light...

I reflect the light and live my life assisting others to find their light.

I AM open to expand my spiritual awareness and to accept the Divine power of my birthright.

My consciousness expands and continues to expand as all the veils of my unaware life are burned away by the Divine light of unconditional Love.

Wisdom erases
karma, and I thank thee for assisting me in attaining self-realization to set me free. The answer-the only goal-is acceptance and unconditional love.

From this moment on I radiate self-realization for I
now accept this Godly awareness as my birthright.

My desires are clear and I channel the power to manifest them all.

    And, so it is    

Journey to the great  
Journey to the great " I AM "

"Innate Beings" 

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a beautiful butterfly!

Change is constant!

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
~ Margaret Stortz

The fatal mistake is waiting for life's circumstance to be right before we begin.
Simply begin with your heart. Loo deeply into it, and trust what you feel.
Practice knowing and you will know.

~ Hugh Prather 

Blessing the Earth with Loving Kindness

From the center of the Heart of God, 
Let the entire Earth be Blessed with Loving
kindness. Let the entire Earth be Blessed with Great Joy and Happiness.

From the center of the Heart of God,
Let the entire Earth be Blessed with Understanding, Harmony, and Divine Peace.
Let the entire Earth be Blessed with
Good will and the will to do good.

From the center of the Heart of God.
Let the entire Earth, every person, and every being
be Blessed with Divine love and
kindness. Let the entire Earth, every person, and every being be Blessed with Divine sweetness, Divine Joy, with warmness, caringness and tenderness.

From the center of the Heart of God,
Let the entire Earth, every person, and every being be Blessed with inner healing, inner beauty, Divine bliss and Divine oneness.

Blessings be to Mother Earth!

~ Grand Master Choa
k Sui 
We are the Infinite Light of

Sanctuary of Divine Light


Rev. Barbara
Energy Healing Practitioner

Services Include:
- Reiki Healing 
  - Reiki Classes 
- Christ Light Healing
- Reconnective Healing  
- Spiritual Consultations 
- Channeled Messages  
- Distant Healing 
- Holistic Events   
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April Events

4/5    Reiki Workshop  4/18  Angel Circle
4/20  Healing Service
4/25  Holistic Bazaar 



ArchAngels Speak

"Take several deep breaths, and exhale slowly to awaken your energy and to release old patterns.
~AA Raphael

Crystal Clear Intentions
"Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with
unwavering faith."
~AA Michael

Life Review
"Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced."
~ AA Jeremiel

Spread Your Wings

"Do not hold back right now. The time is perfect and you are ready to soar."
~ AA Ariel


 May you always have Angels by your side!

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