APRIL 2023


Dr. Peter Gleick Elected to Academy of Arts & Sciences

The Pacific Institute is pleased to announce Senior Fellow and Co-Founder Dr. Peter Gleick has been elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. At the Pacific Institute, Gleick's research was among the first to establish a link between water resources and climate change. The American Academy of Arts & Sciences is an honorary society that recognizes accomplished individuals and leaders who work towards addressing the world's biggest challenges.


Pacific Institute Thought Leaders Highlight UN Water Conference

The historic UN Water Conference concluded at UN Headquarters in New York last month. New momentum was created for cross-sector global action for SDG 6 on water.

What were the actual outcomes? And, were they enough?

Our final blog in the series provides context on the UN Water Conference outcomes, the Pacific Institute's global leadership on building water resilience, and what the next steps must be. Read more from thought leaders Dr. Amanda Bielawski, Jason Morrison, Mai-Lan Ha, Dr. Peter Gleick, and Heather Cooley.

Water resilience recognizes the interconnectivity between SDG 6 and other SDGs related to climate change, biodiversity, energy, and many others. Our work contributes to achieving a range of SDG 6 targets and broader SDGs through a co-benefit approach.

Read other blogs in the series here and here to explore why the conference was such a pivotal historic moment for water and how the Pacific Institute’s work, through a co-benefits or multi-benefits approach, contributes to SDG 6 and a wide range of additional Sustainable Development Goals.



New Blog Highlights Earth Day, Role of Nature-Based Solutions in Building Resilience

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher, Dr. Gregg Brill highlights the power of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in building long-term water resilience in a recent Earth Day blog.

The blog discusses the importance of investing in natural ecosystems like forests, wetlands, and coral reefs to help sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity, and support a sustainable water future.



Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Michael Cohen Issues Statement on Colorado River

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher, Michael Cohen released a statement in response to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Near-term Colorado River Operations.

Cohen highlights that although the Colorado River is one of the most tightly managed and scrutinized rivers on the planet, there is currently no detailed account of how every acre-foot is used, how many people rely on the river, and where those uses take place. This challenges efforts to better manage the system and avert the ongoing water crisis.


Water Resilience Coalition Investment Portfolio Featured in Global Media

A recent Inside Climate News article about the UN Water Conference highlights the role of the private sector to take action on water.

The article outlines several initiatives of the CEO Water Mandate, a partnership of the Pacific Institute and the UN Global Compact. The article specifically highlights the launch of the Water Resilience Coalition Investment Portfolio, a more than US$1 billion pipeline of identified water investment opportunities with nearly $140 million in investments to date.

The article also discusses the UN Water Conference launch of the Business Leaders’ Open Call to Accelerate Water Action, which has already been joined by nearly 70 global influential companies.


California Senator's Bill to Create Salton Sea Conservancy Advances Out of Committee

Pacific Institute Senior Researcher, Michael Cohen, was cited as an expert by California Senator Padilla on new, bipartisan Senate Bill 583. The bill creates the Salton Sea Conservancy to unify the state’s efforts to expedite preservation project delivery, protect residents’ health, and foster ecological recovery in the area.

Cohen stated “We strongly support the concept of a Salton Sea Conservancy...A conservancy would consolidate state operations under one roof - at the Salton Sea itself - to help expedite the construction of new habitat and dust suppression projects and would be more responsive to the needs of the local communities.”



Michael Cohen to Moderate Panel at California State Water Board Annual Salton Sea Workshop

On May 16, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will moderate the "Hydrology and Colorado River Drought" panel at the California State Water Board's annual Salton Sea workshop.

The event will be held at Imperial Valley College and broadcast in both Spanish and English. The event has virtual attendance options and will be open to the public.



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