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April 10 OKC

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Speaker: Eric Daffern with Daffern Law Firm

Topic: Q&A on Construction Business Law 

April 11 Tulsa

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2000 West Reno

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Speaker: Eric Daffern with Daffern Law Firm

Topic: Q&A on Construction Business Law

* June 6 Monthly Board Meeting at Stone Mill BBQ 11:30-1:00 *

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Electrical News:

Taking the Time to Understand the Code

Taking the time to thoroughly learn the code requirements for electrical contractors is paramount in ensuring the successful design and installation of fire alarm systems. Rushing through these crucial regulations often leads to oversights, resulting in the need to redo work and consequently impacting both the bottom line and reputation of a company. By prioritizing a comprehensive understanding of the code, contractors can mitigate risks, uphold quality standards, and ultimately bolster their standing as reliable and reputable professionals within the industry.


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Mechanical News:

HVAC Contractors Need to Adapt to Repair Market

HVAC contractors are facing a shifting landscape in the repair market as homeowners become increasingly hesitant to spring for a replacement system. The primary deterrent is the significant cost involved, coupled with economic uncertainties. As a result, contractors must adapt their approach to cater to this evolving demand. Instead of solely focusing on selling new systems, they need to emphasize repair services and offer cost-effective solutions that prolong the lifespan of existing HVAC systems. By understanding and addressing homeowners' concerns about affordability, HVAC contractors can effectively navigate the current repair market landscape and ensure their continued success.

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Plumbing News:

Virtual/Simulation Training the Next Cog in the Evolution of Training in Plumbing

Virtual/Simulation Training stands poised as the next pivotal advancement in the evolution of training within the plumbing industry for plumbing contractors. This innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology to immerse trainees in realistic virtual environments, offering hands-on experience without the constraints of physical limitations. By simulating various plumbing scenarios, from routine maintenance to complex installations, this training method equips plumbers with invaluable skills and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, evolving technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) enhance engagement and retention, providing a dynamic learning experience. Embracing these advancements can revolutionize the way plumbers are trained, ensuring they stay abreast of industry developments and deliver superior service to clients.

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Risk Management:: "Hiring the Right Person for Your Business"

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