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April 2021
Bryan Orander, President, Charitable Advisors
Is Hiring Back in Style?
The past year has been traumatic on multiple levels — personal and professional. We have been fearful about the health of loved ones while, at the same time, laying off co-workers, many of whom we consider friends. We also witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 in our communities, and throughout the nation and the world. As donors, grant-makers, and the government fill in gaps and the vaccines reach more and more people, we have reason for optimism — and we are seeing that in our job numbers.
You probably know that we host the Central Indiana Nonprofit Job Board, which has regularly featured 15 to 20 new job postings each week from local nonprofits. That pattern noticeably changed last March. In the 10 to 16 weeks following the COVID-19 outbreak in Indiana, we had fewer jobs advertised than in a typical week pre-pandemic. Starting in August 2020, we started to notice an increasing number of job postings. And, since February, the numbers have once again approached pre-pandemic levels.
According to a recent survey by, this pattern is being reported among most industries. The survey cites five hiring trends to be watching for throughout 2021:
  1. More focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring. This trend includes focusing on becoming an overall welcoming organization.
  2. Remote work is here to stay. Chances are you already knew that some employees will want more flexibility in their schedules going forward.
  3. Upskilling to fill those “tough to recruit” positions. Guess who’s in charge of training people to do the jobs that you can’t fill? It’s you!
  4. Workplace safety is a must! Take it as seriously as your most anxious team member does. I continue to hear feedback that almost every organization is initially experiencing anxiety as employees come back together in the workplace.
  5. More companies will turn to gig workers. The survey also found that 92% of job seekers are taking a new look at the gig economy as well. What does that mean for your recruiting efforts or for your employees taking on additional jobs?

Coming out of COVID-19, we are excited to be adding another level of support for local nonprofits by becoming a reseller of hiring assessments from Talexes. See “Hiring the Best” below.  

To learn more, please contact Bryan Orander or 317-752-7153.

“Hiring the Best” – Hiring Assessments increase fit and retention
Charitable Advisors becomes Talexes Partner
As we bring new people into our organizations or consider existing staff for new roles, there are assessment tools that can help identify where candidates or current team members may be naturally inclined or might need to make conscious adjustments to thrive. 
We are excited to be working in partnership with Talexes and will be using their hiring assessments in our own executive searches in addition to providing local nonprofits with effective, affordable tools.
We love these assessments because they have been recently validated with today’s workforce, you can take them on phones and tablets, and they can be used through the full hiring, staff development, and succession planning lifecycle. Talexes offers three hiring assessments - for executive, mid-level, and entry level hiring - plus a great 360 assessment tool.
You can learn more by joining the “Hiring the Best” webinar on April 28 at noon EST.

Register Use registration code CHA100

Attendees will have a chance to try out the TalassureMX assessment for FREE! ($175 value). TalassureMX provides objective insights into the core behavioral traits, occupational interests, and reasoning ability of upper-level professionals.
AFP 2021 Annual Conference June 28-30, 2021
(In-person and virtual)
The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and AFP ICON will give you all the fundraising training, trends, and meaningful connections you need to make more impact.
AFP ICON VIRTUAL will return June 28-30, 2021, no matter what. And we’re planning to safely hold an in-person conference because we know how valuable and powerful that experience can be.

Both. AFP ICON 2021 will be offered virtually no matter what. We’re working hard and fully planning a robust in-person experience, but our number one concern is your safety. If we don’t believe we can hold a safe and comfortable AFP ICON, we will focus solely on the virtual experience. Whether you register for the in-person or the virtual experience, you are able to switch your registration to the other by April 26 (partial refund or additional charge may apply).

Succession planning isn’t just
for retirement anymore webinar

On May 19 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Whether you are a nonprofit ED/CEO beginning to think about your retirement timeline or a board or staff leader who wants to be sure your organization has laid the appropriate groundwork for a successful transition. Presented by Bryan Orander.

We want to recognize board leaders
For most board members, board leadership roles come with a commitment and investment of time and resources to support a cause they care about. However, for the individual who steps up to serve as board president or chair, the role comes with the assumption of overall responsibility for the nonprofit and guiding the organization’s path forward.  

As we continue to share news of board leaders who have taken the helm, we encourage you to recognize and thank these individuals for tackling the role, because as a community member you recognize the value of his or her investment to help keep the sector strong.  

If you want to announce your organization’s new board leader, please send name, position and a head shot HERE.

We are open to other ways we can support and recognize board leaders. Send us your thoughts or tell us a story about a board leader who has made a difference in your organization. Share your ideas with Bryan Orander, president.
Trent McBride
Area/District Operations and Sales Manager,Lincare Holdings, Inc.
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Vice President, WSP
Jenn Lisak Golding
Founder & CEO, Sapphire Strategy
Global strategy & business development, Corteva Agriscience
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