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April 2024 | Events & Updates

Spring Baseball Season

Breaking news! We are SOLD OUT of player spots for spring season; our rosters are bursting at the seams! If you didn't make it to registration this season, never fear, we are expanding our capacity for fall season and will be adding more teams. Also, there’s still room for players at the exhibition game during the Wiffle Ball Tournament. Come show off the magic of Miracle League to donors and participants. Register Here.

Due to our high capacity of athletes this season, we need volunteers more than ever! There is still plenty of time for volunteers to register as buddies so sign up and spread the word to all of your friends!

📅 Game Days:

  • April 27th
  • May 4
  • May 11
  • May 18
  • June 1
Volunteer Registration 

Already Registered?

If you're a player who has already registered, you should have received an email update with your team information. If you have yet to receive this email, make sure you are connected to our database by subscribing to our newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your information here - MLNB Newsletter. If at any point you unsubscribed from our newsletter, you will not receive emails about the upcoming season, so please make sure to resubscribe!

Butter & Eggs Day 4.20

Unfortunately, we will not be entering a float in the parade this year. However, it's one of the most fun days of the year, and a great way to spread the word about MLNB. Head down to the parade wearing your MLNB gear and spread awareness! We hope you run into other teammates throughout the day.

Common Ground Events

Common Ground Society serves families who have loved ones with any sort of unique need while also educating the community on how to be inclusive.

What makes CGS unique is that they provide support to families who receive any life changing diagnosis for their child. Their group of almost 1,000 members has varying diagnoses from common diagnoses like Down Syndrome, Autism, and birth complications to more rare diagnoses like Cornelia De Lange and Fragile X Syndrome. There is no specific diagnosis a person must have in order to belong, all are welcome at CGS. This is special because often families who have more rare diagnosis are left feeling isolated with little to no local resources. CGS offers a community for all families so no one is left feeling scared and alone.

One of the ways they support their families and build community is through monthly meetups, find a meetup that meets your needs and attend!

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Miracle March Magic

Boy was it fun to level up our basketball skills and compete in a scrimmage at Miracle March Magic. Although the basketball was fun, we think our favorite part was the dance party finale. Our athletes sure have some incredible moves. Huge shout out to Beyond The Numbers Consulting and Liberty Elementary School for making this event possible!

Wiffle Ball Tournament 4.13

Are you seeking additional ways to show your support for Miracle League? The Petaluma Wiffle Ball tournament has openings available for teams and is in need of volunteers! This event promises a day filled with exciting activities, such as wiffle ball showdowns, a home run derby, lively beer and wine gardens, raffles, a silent auction, delicious food, and the opportunity to engage with our incredible local Miracle League North Bay athletes. Don't pass up the chance to join in on the excitement:

  • Corporate Team Entry: $800
  • Non-profit/Community Groups: $400
  • Grand Slam Sponsor - $2,500
  • Home Run Sponsor - $1,500
  • Base Hit Sponsor - $500

More Information and Registration 

Inclusion Festival 5.11

Check out the Inclusion Festival after our games on May 11th!

The Inclusion Festival is a musical festival for people with disabilities, their families, friends, and allies. A day of music, dancing, and art with sensory sensitive spaces and accommodations. Let’s celebrate our unique differences while bringing people together as a community.

While many concert venues, theaters, and art studios have physical access for individuals with disabilities, they are not yet equipped to accommodate sensory or atypical sensitivities. The Inclusion Festival firmly believe that everyone has the right to access education, the arts, and community events, regardless of ability. Their mission is to share a community arts and musical experience that provides a safe and engaging space for education, resources, and celebration!

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Social Conversation Support Using AI

Stanford is seeking autistic individuals who are interested in improving their social conversation skills to participate in a study using AI.

Preferred Participates:

  • 11-35yrs of age
  • Interested in improving social conversation
  • Are Conversational
  • Available 10-20 minutes 5x a week for 4 weeks

If interested, please contact Lizzie Ponder at lizziep@stanford.edu. 

Homer's Highlights

Meet Alex, and Of Course, Ondre!

Alex, often seen zipping around with his iPod Shuffle playing tunes of reggae and bluegrass, started his journey as a city kid, residing in San Francisco until he was six. Now, at 29 years old, he resides in Petaluma, where he is not only an avid volunteer and dedicated employee but also a well-known community member with an impressive social calendar.

Before diving too far into Alex’s story, it’s crucial we mention his fur-sibling and Canine Companions service dog, Ondre. Over the past 8 years, Ondre has become a cherished member of the family, playing a crucial role in helping Alex build social connections and engage in various activities. Ondre has even gained his own fan club, and whenever Alex shows up without him, colleagues, acquaintances, and even employees at Peet’s, Safeway and Trader Joe’s (whom Alex has befriended) eagerly inquire about Ondre's whereabouts. Ondre is Alex’s second service dog. 

Living at home with his mom, Mary Ann and dad, Art, and  Ondre, Alex has been involved in community volunteering since he was 12 years old. He's been seen delivering meals and holiday treat bags to senior citizens, helping out at local nonprofit farms, and working with his mom and dog, Ondre at Canine Companions special events. Not only does Alex contribute as a volunteer, but he also holds a paid job with O.A.D.S., where he dedicates five days a week to cleaning up local parks. Thank you, Alex, for your valuable contributions to our community!

In his leisure time, Alex enjoys staying active with impressive swimming abilities, achieving a personal record of 200 meters in one stretch. He's also an avid biker, often leaving his aides in the dust due to his need for speed. Additionally, Alex practices batting with Ondre ready to assist in rounding the bases. Furthermore, Alex takes part in the Seawolf Fit program at Sonoma State University, where he refines his other fitness skills. He also enjoys attending Celebrations, an interfaith holiday program for young adults with disabilities and their families. 


One of the things we love most about Alex is his go with the flow mindset, a characteristic not always associated with an autism diagnosis. Nevertheless, Alex is always up to trying new restaurants, a change in schedule, or batting in a new spot in the line up. As November approaches, Alex is gearing up to celebrate the big 3-0! With Alex's passion for trains—having ridden the Skunk Train at least 20 times—Alex’s family is considering yet another fun train trip to celebrate the big day. We know he’s happiest when he’s surrounded by community, family and friends. We can't wait to have you back on the field, Alex! 

Interested in being featured in an upcoming Homer's Highlight? Contact Sarah at smarciamlnb@gmail.com

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