Volume 26 | April 2023

Hello April with Diamond Bling!

April is a month of rebirth and new beginnings!

Hello Chi Cheng

April rains bring May flowers ... I hope that is true! Because we've been getting a lot of rain lately - can't wait for the beautiful Spring flowers.

We often have to slow down and thing about how lucky we are to live in Vancouver and I'm so lucky to do what I love to do and to have a cosy little studio with enough space for me and my dog Peanut to hang out.

I'm so grateful!

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Granville Island Public Market

10am to 6pm

Friday to Sunday - May 5 to 7 (waitlist - TBC)

Friday to Saturday - May 12 to 13, 2023

FREE Island Parking before 11am

2023 Creative Chaos Crafts

Greater Vernon Recreation, 3310 37th Ave, Vernon, BC

Friday June 2, 10am-9pm

Saturday June 3, 10am-6pm

Sunday June 4, 10am-4pm

Creative Chaos Show info & location

I'm sad to miss everyone once again at this year's upcoming Harmony Arts Festival

Was very much looking forward to seeing old friends at this event, but not sure why the organizers would choose not to support a local West Vancouver Artist for two years in a row. Help make your sentiments known by emailing the organizers in West Vancouver!

Hope to see you at my regular visits to Granville Island Market, at Creative Chaos Crafts at Vernon in June or at the Circle Craft Christmas Market in November.

What's TRENDING! Larger Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the hottest engagement ring trends we’re predicting in 2023 is the BIG center stone for solitaire rings. In a solitaire ring, this is a super-sized version of the classic. This look pretty much says “all eyes on me!” And who doesn’t want that?


So how big are we talking here? Under 1-2 carat diamonds used to be the norm, a lot of brides are now trending towards bigger stones, at 3 and even 4-carats. That sounds expensive, but it might be less than you think. Why? Because the price for quality diamonds from the top Lab Grown Diamond companies in the world are now priced

40% - 60% less than an earth-mined diamond of the same size.


You get way more diamond for your dollar!

So dream big, because it’s now possible.

What is the difference among so-called "Diamonds"?

Natural Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are a thing of perfection. Whether sparkling on your rings or shimmering on a necklace, these glamorous stones are the epitome of beauty.

The Blossom Diamond Ring

Left: Large silver square ring w/ 18kt dots and bezel set 12 pts dia $980

Right: Large silver square ring w/ 18kt bezel set with 12pts dia $790

Bottom: Blossom 14kt & 18kt gold overlay with 0.25ct dia $1,900

Lab Grown Diamonds

A laboratory-grown diamond is very much a diamond - carbon atoms arranged in a diamond cubic crystal structure. The only difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds is the origin of the diamond. Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds have the exact same physical properties, and equivalent 4C grading and certification standards. Different retailers market lab-grown diamonds as "artisan", "cultured", "synthetic" or "manufactured" diamonds.

Lab Diamond

Pricing upon request.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) / Moissanite Diamonds

These stones are similar to diamonds with their brilliance and crystal clarity, but they are not made from pure carbon, but are crystalline materials that are colorless, hard, and flawless, but possess different physical properties as to hardness, refractive index and thermal conductivity. For these reasons, they represent the most affordable alternatives to diamonds.

Large sterling silver with CZ stone

(6mm - 0.90cts) $250

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April Birthstone: Sparkle with DIAMOND!

"A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger

Happy Birthday to those born in April who are lucky enough to be born in April! If it is you, your birthstone is the diamond. Diamonds symbolize so much: beauty, strength, resilience, purity, and a whole lot of sparkle. 

An eternal symbol of innocence, diamonds are revered among minerals for their superior strength and durability. The diamond’s super-hard structure makes it virtually incorruptible. Its strength and purity make it the perfect adornment when worn as jewelry. 

Selection of Chi's designs with silver, gold and diamonds.

Woven Basket Diamond Solitaire Rings

Top: Silver woven basket w/ 18kt gold & bezel set Natural Diamond 1 ct (SI2/H) estimated $14,000

Lab Diamond 1ct (SI1/H) estimated $4,500

(Special order only - final prices upon request)

Middle: Silver woven basket with 18kt gold dots and bezel set 15pts diamond $980

Bottom: Silver woven basket with 18kt gold dots and bezel set 5pts diamond $600

Woven Basket Pendant with Diamonds

Sterling silver woven basket disc with 18kt yellow gold set with 3 diamonds.

(total 15 pts., 21 pts or special request)

Sterling silver 16", 18" or 20" chain

Diamond Pendant Options

3 diamonds tw 15 pts. $980

3 diamonds tw 21 pts. $1.200


The Hope Diamond is perhaps one of the most famous diamond in history. The Hope diamond is a 45.52-carat diamond originally extracted in the 17th century from the Kollur Mine in Gunntur, Inda. It is blue in color due to trace amount of boron. Its exceptional size has revealed new information about the formation of diamonds. The stone is known as one of the Golconda diamonds.

Info on Hope Diamond

GIA Natural Diamonds

GIA Lab Grown Diamonds

Celebrate your 60th & 75th Wedding Anniversaries with Diamond

From Chi's Bench ...  Repurposed Delights

Let me help you tell your stories!

I delight in giving new life to tired jewelry with my "re-purposed" designs.

Creating new expressions from family legacy pieces are so heart-warming

when I can be part of their journey ... 

An engagement ring, family ring or necklaces - they all combine wonderful memories, bringing happiness to both me and everyone involved!

Beautiful Repurposed Ring Collection

Just in time for Connie's Big Birthday!

She celebrated with a new grouping of happy stacking rings repurposed from a dated diamond band and a ruby and diamond ring from her younger days.

I'm so grateful to be part of her celebration and designing pieces that she can love and cherish again!

KP Loves Her New Updated Diamond Solitaire and Wedding Band

Less is more as many agree! Especially when one has a beautiful diamond and we only need to create new accents with the play of white & yellow gold.

KP and her husband really love the look of her updated ring that has survived through the decades of their marriage and will endure for many more years to come!

Call / text 604.783.2238 or email me for

your FREE consultation at info@chiscreations.com

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