April 19, 2023

Volume 2


your baptism

Dear Delegates,


Thank you for all of your positive responses to Delegate Dispatch, we are so glad you are enjoying the newsletter and the recaps of our upcoming Annual Conference. It will be here before we know it and I can’t wait to see all of you!


This year’s Annual Conference schedule is very intentionally centered around the big idea of Revive, Renew, Reinvigorate, Reimagine; with each day dedicated to a different itineration of our theme.


I shared with you in the first Delegate Dispatch, that Sunday night of the Conference will focus on Revive. Monday of Annual Conference will be centered around Renew, we will go to the baptismal waters to remember who we are as God’s people, as United Methodists. For more information, please see the video below.


Remember, all of the AC2023 information can be found here.Thank you for serving as delegates to the Texas Annual Conference.


Grace & Peace,


Bishop Harvey

It's time to register for Annual Conference 2023

About half of you have registered for AC2023 and we know you don't want to miss out on what is going to be the best Annual Conference ever! Deadline for registration is May 5, 2023.

So, go ahead, hit the register now button below.


Come on, make those reservations today!


While you're at it, grab a hotel room so you have a place to sleep, deadline is May 5th.

Commuting to Annual Conference would not be fun. Especially if you live in East Texas.


Bringing children? May 5th is the day registration closes for children. If you register kids after May 5, they will not be able to attend field trips and you will be charged a $50 late fee.



Some of the best food in the world can be found less than a mile away from your hotel room at Conference. So go ahead, venture out and try something new this year. And your restaurant bill does not have to break the bank. Can you say one meal, two plates?

We asked five local Houstonian foodies and regular attendees to share their favorite restaurant recommendations. You're welcome!

Rev. Katie Montgomery Mears highly recommends Vinny’s Pizza and Indianola where yummy and unexpected flavors abound. If you are going to Indianola for lunch, no can do, they are only open for dinner.

For a special treat, Rev. Deborah Hawboldt says to walk on over to Xochi’s, celebrating the flavors of Oaxaca, Mexico. The restaurant is located at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

John Esquivel regularly dines at Huyns, a family run Vietnamese restaurant where the owners still greet you. Huyns is over a decade old -- once you eat there, you will understand why they have been a favorite for so long.

Rev. Michael Jarboe (and many others) love Tiny Champions, a small but mighty space known for great pizza and other soul satisfying food. This restaurant regularly gets a 5 out of 5 on their reviews

For the "best burger in Texas," Shannon W. Martin says to Uber on over to Rodeo Goat. This dog friendly, outdoor space is a fun place to gather with friends. Don't miss their punch out french fries.

If you are feeling really adventurous, go down under to underground hall and try one of the food vendors in the tunnels.


For all of these tasty places, be sure to call ahead to see when restaurants are open, see if you need a reservation, and be sure to tip your servers generously!


"Every year, I learn so much at the Pre-Annual Conference Zoom meeting. Sometimes the resolutions can be a complicated -- this meeting gives me a chance to ask questions."

At this year's AC2023, you will be voting on two resolutions and one proposal. For a detailed article about Pre-AC, the resolutions and proposal, check it out in our news section.

You will want to attend a Pre-Annual Conference session to better understand the resolutions and proposals you will b voting on before you get to Annual Conference. Bonus: there will be time for you to ask questions.

Dates are below, don't forget to calendar this!

April 23 | 6:30 pm

Virtual Pre-Conference Meeting for Central South, East and West Districts held via Zoom. 

Join by clicking here.

April 24 | 6:30 pm

Virtual Pre-Conference Meeting for Northwest, South, and Southwest District held via Zoom.

Join by clicking here.

April 25 | 3:00 pm

Virtual Pre-Conference Meeting for Central North, North, & Southeast

Districts at 3 pm via Zoom. 

Join by clicking here.

Bishop talks about Revive

Bishop Harvey shares with AC2023 delegates Renew Day 2 of AC2023
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