Christ is Risen!

Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Easter Day

Holy Eucharist, Rite II

9 A.M.  & 11 A.M. in the Nave & Livestreamed

The Cathedral Church of St. Luke

in the

Episcopal Diocese of Maine

and the

City of Portland 

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A Warm Welcome to Easter Worship

The clergy and people of St. Luke’s welcome you with joy and happiness to this celebration of Christ’s Resurrection!

We are delighted that you are here to worship with us!  We hope that visitors and guests will consider joining us for worship, mission and ministry on a regular basis.  

Each Sunday we have services with Holy Eucharist at 7:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. 

Today childcare for children 3 and under will be available during the 9:00 and 11:00 am services.

Join us for our annual Easter Egg Hunt at 10:30 A.M. in the Bishop’s Garden. If you need help finding the Bishop’s garden, please ask an usher who will be happy to assist you.

On this glorious day our altars are lovingly cared for by our altar and flower guilds, with worship led by our choir, vergers, acolytes, readers and many other volunteers. We thank all of our contributing ministries who have dedicated themselves to enhancing our worship during Holy Week and this Easter Day.

Deepest thanks are given to all parishioners, communities members, and guests, who generously donated to support our flower guild and musicians during this Easter season.

All this is done to enhance your Easter celebration and is dedicated to the glory of the Risen Christ. 

Please join us in the tradition of joyfully ringing bells every time “Alleluia” is said.


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Easter Day service Participants

Preacher The Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Brown, The Tenth Bishop of Maine

Celebrant The Rev. Dr. Paul St. Germain, Transition Priest-in-Charge (9a)

The Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Brown, The Tenth Bishop of Maine (11a)

Assisting The Rev. Rebecca Grant, Deacon

The Rev. Suzanne Roberts, M.D., Associate Priest

The Rev. Anne C. Fowler, Assisting Clergy

The Rev. Christopher Worthley, Assisting Clergy

Music Leader & Organist Christian M. Clough, Canon for Liturgy and Music

Assisting Organist Randall Mullin

Head Verger Eleanor Roberts

Verger Emeritus David Savage

Verger Maggie Gardner (9 A.M), Eleanor Roberts (11A.M.)

Crucifer Eleanor Roberts, John Hennessy (9 A.M.)

Michael Thorne, Alec Thorne (11 A.M.)

Thurifer Will Armitage

Streamer Louisa Radtke-Rowe (9 A.M.), Heather Murdoch Curry (11A.M.) 

Torch Bearers Liam Coy, Lucy Pride (9 A.M.)

Orion Williams, Louisa Radtke- Rowe (11 A.M.)

Banner Heather Murdoch Curry (9 A.M.), Maggie Gardner (11 A.M.)

Verger of the Clergy David Savage

Ushers Susan McCuller, Melissa Coy, Chester Bishop, Gail Swanton (9 A.M.)

      Peter Bingham, Gus Goodwin, Bob Parshley, Martha Parshley (11 A.M.)

Lector Susan McCuller (9 A.M.)

Judd Hume (11 A.M.)

Prayers Leader Curtis Maurand (9 A.M.)

William Salomon (11 A.M.)

The Healing Team Ruth Roemer, Betsey Deleuse (9 A.M.)

Gail Kesich, Peter Carleton (11 A.M.)

Live Streaming Jack Swanton, Sam Allen

Contributing Ministries The Cathedral Choir, Acolytes, Vergers,

The Flower Guild, The Altar Guild

The Cathedral Choir

Georgia Bancroft • Onnie Benoist • Phoebe Blume • Linda Carleton  Joseph Colquhoun

Ray Davis Murdoch Curry • Lynn Dalheim • Joanne Taylor deKay • Ellise Johnson •

Curtis Maurand • Mac McCabe • Jamie Moore • Suezan Moore • Parker Roberts •

Shana Rose • William Salomon Connie Schmalz • Dan Schmalz • Gay Tucker •

Kathy Watt • Stacie Webb • Stephen White

Randall Mullin, organist

Christian M. Clough, conductor & organist

Festival Brass

Michelle Boggs & Matt Lagarde, trumpets • Gray Ferris, French horn

Parker Kenyon, trombone • Devin Del Campo, tuba • Mark Fredericks, timpani

Music copyrights granted under #A-713087. Sources: The Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love, and Praise, Voices Found, My Heart Sings Out, The Saint Helena Psalter, The Book of Common Prayer,, Enriching our Worship, The Holy Bible (NRSV)

Thank you in advance for your offering today. You can donate to St. Luke’s through our new and secure “Give and Text” feature. Please TEXT “TEXTCSL” to 73256. Our 2023 Pledge Campaign is ongoing. Pledge materials and information are available here.


Easter Egg Hunt in the

Bishop's Garden Today!



Location: The Bishop's Garden

Rain Location: Emmanuel Chapel

Contact: Sarah Dowling

Our annual Easter egg hunt will be held today between services at 10: 30 am. This fun filled time will be held in the Bishop’s Garden which is behind the gated section at the front of St. Luke’s. If it is rainy, the egg hunt will be held in the Chapel. Everyone is welcome!


Physical Address:

143 State Street, Portland, ME 04101

Parking Available at:

134 Park Street, Portland, ME 04101

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4141, Portland, ME 04101

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