Fifth Sunday of Easter

April 28, 2024



Dear Parishioners and Friends,


As the new diocesan assignments for priests were made public last weekend, we want you to know about the changes if you have not heard it from last week’s announcements.


As the six-year pastor term of mine comes to an end on June 30 at St. Martins, I am assigned as the Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of San Jose effective July 1, 2024. Bishop has appointed Fr. Celso Singson as the new pastor.


After completing his six-year term as parochial vicar at St. Martin's, Fr. Generoso Geronimo will be moving to his new assignment as Pastor of St. Justin Parish. Fr. Tony Famave, parochial vicar at Holy Family Parish, San Jose is appointed as the new Parochial Vicar at St. Martin’s effective July 1.


It has been a rich and an exciting journey being the pastor here at St. Martin's. Your support and dedication during my time here has been great. I thank you sincerely. I will carry great memories from St. Martins.


With gratitude and requesting your prayers,

Fr. Saju 

Fr. Celso Singson

Fr. Tony Famave

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April 27 - May 3, 2024

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Saturday (Sunday Vigil) 5:00 PM

Emilio Firpo †, Jeane Mitzeltfelt †


Sunday 8:30 AM

Robert Lawrence †, Sarah Crites-Snapp † & Joseph Snapp’s Family

Sunday 10:00 AM

J. W. Knapen †, Soledad Ortiz †


Sunday 11:30 AM

Spike Standifer †, Jeane Mitzeltfelt†, Anthony Hole †

Monday 8:30 AM

St. Martin of Tours Parishioners 

Tuesday 8:00 AM

Lucila & Florentino Alemania


Wednesday 8:10 AM

Joy Ilumin & Family,

Erin de los Reyes (birthday)


Thursday 8:00 AM

St. Martin of Tours Parishioners 

Friday 8:00 AM

Lucila Palmaras Alemania †


Jimmy Verna, Catalino Ibarra, Sarah Crites-Snapp, Richard Herrera,

Renato Dimaunahan



Colleen Williams, Josei Carrion, Mary Contini, Cassie Stagi, Richard Pool,

Linda Furtado, Ronald Murphy, Annamary Keethaponkalan, 

Joey Segui, Esther Wald, Egualberto Abaya, Katie Hernandez, Amy Gastelum, Greg Rhodes, Paul Krill, Megan Favoli, Bekah Dominguez, Emma Firpo,

Kathleen Lupo, Roberta Williams, Connor Vierra, Frances Pizzo,

Tom Rodenfils, Marie Flemate, Rodger “OB” O’Brien, Sr.

Please pray with us for our parishioners, family and friends.


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Pray for those who will receive

their First Holy Communion


One of the greatest gifts God has given to us is the Sacrament of Jesus' Body and Blood. Through the gift of Eucharist, we are intimately united with Jesus and with the community.


Receiving Communion for the first time is a very momentous time for a child or an adult. Our children who will soon receive their First Holy Communion have been doing preparation for these last seven months, and next week they will come to the table of plenty, not crossing their arms on their chest anymore. They will receive the Lord through this holy Sacrament of Eucharist on May 4th and 5th. 


Let us all offer prayers for these children, that by receiving the gift of Jesus in the Holy Communion, they grow in love for Jesus and appreciate this gift as God’s gift of salvation.

Alessandra Poo

Alicia Flemate

Apollo Jarvis Crisostomo

Ariana Siudzinski  

Avila Moore

Chloe Reckis

Christian Saso

Dylan Rendler      

Elijah Gomes

Emily Ledesma

Emmett Daugherty

Evelyn Lavelle

Fiona McDougall

Francesca Amato

Giancarlo Scarpelli

Gianna Simonin

Hannah Nehrenheim

Harper Herraez

Harper Pardini

Isaiah Loya

Jack Ehrhardt

Jethan Jessani

Jordan Santiago

Julianna Mello

Manuel Torres

Marguerite MacDonald

Maria Victoria Torres

Max Mauldin

Mateos Kidane

Mussie Kidane

Naya Flores

Noah Grosu

Parker Way

Patrick Boscia

Riley Velasco

Savannah Burroughs

Virginia De Guzman


Dear parents and children, kindly click on the link below to download and print out catechetical activity for children for this weekend. This link is updated every week with activities that corresponds to the readings and Sunday celebrations.



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