Do People Really Know What DNA Is?

Joe Palca, science communicator and former NPR science correspondent will try to answer the question Do people really know what DNA is? at the Louise M. Slaughter National DNA Day Lecture on Friday, April 26 from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m. EST.  

Register now for the Zoom webinar and celebrate DNA Day with NHGRI! 

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Time to Celebrate DNA Day!

Do you know what DNA Day is and how to celebrate?  

National DNA Day is celebrated annually on April 25, but you are not limited to only celebrating on that day... every day can be DNA Day!   

Scroll through the National DNA Day interactive to learn about how DNA Day began, some of its key players, the mission and how you can celebrate.  

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Inside Each Cell is a Code of Instructions for Life...This is Your Genome!

Watch the “Animated Genome” to learn about the fundamentals of the human genome including what the code is and how it impacts our lives.  

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See and Make a DNA Helix in 3-D!

Take on the twists and turns of the DNA helix origami and make an awesome DNA helix origami for DNA Day. All you need is paper and a printer, watch the video or read the printed directions to see the DNA helix in 3-D. 

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Word of the Month

from NHGRI's Talking Glossary of Genomic and Genetic Terms


Chromosomes are threadlike structures made of protein and a single molecule of DNA that serve to carry the genomic information from cell to cell. In plants and animals (including humans), chromosomes reside in the nucleus of cells. 

View a 3-D animation of Chromosomes and hear more about what makes chromosomes so intriguing! 

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