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April 2024

Health and Wellness

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Tips for meditation and developing healthy habits are the subjects of the next series of classes in our Health and Wellness department.

New instructor Anne Kalashian will lead Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (Course 12505), a four week evening course starting Thursday, April 11, 2024. Kalashian will demystify mindfulness meditation, familiarize students with the basics, and teach basic meditation practices to cultivate mindfulness around the body, emotions, and thought.

Also new to the faculty, Cris Chiavenato will be offering both daytime and evening sessions of Habits Made Simple. Understand the roles of motivation, willpower, and discipline in your efforts to create positive new habits and break undesirable patterns. Learn science-based practical strategies, presented in an easy, step-by-step format over the span of four classes. The daytime session (Course 12598) begins Monday, May 6, 2024 (new start date); the evening class (Course 12599) meets Thursdays, starting May 2, 2024.

Register now for springtime renewal of wellness practices for a happy and healthy life.

Classes Starting in the Next Two Weeks

All class listings are for the Eastern Time Zone. Course numbers appear in parentheses.

Week of April 7, 2024

Special Events

  • Author Visit and Book Discussion: Asha Lemmie, The Wildest Sun (2023) (12578)
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  • Must-See Buildings in Europe: San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and the Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy (12362)
  • Gilded Age Mansions of the Upper East Side (12481)

Arts & Crafts

  • Knitting for All Levels (12478)
  • Drawing and Acrylic Painting (12537)
  • Drawing (12543)
  • Painting with Pastels (12544)
  • Oil and Acrylic Painting (12582)

Fitness and Dance

  • Fit Blast: Cardio, Strength, and Abs (12447)
  • Ballroom and Latin Dancing (12577)


  • Beginner Bridge (12455)
  • Intermediate Bridge (12456)
  • Bridge: Supervised Play (12457)

Health and Wellness

  • Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (12505)


  • Intermediate to Advanced Conversational Spanish (12589)* NEW START DATE


  • BookTalk with Harriet Sobol: Held (2024) by Anne Michaels (12507)

Performing Arts

  • Group Piano Lessons for Beginner & Intermediate Students (12531)
  • Learn to Play the Cello (12532)
  • Learn to Play the Guitar (12533)
  • Learn to Play the Ukulele for Beginners (12534)
  • Learn to Play the Violin (12535)
  • The Joy of Singing (12529)
  • Ring Your Bell for Beginners (12530)* NEW START DATE

Walking Tours

  • Walking Tour: Contemporary Galleries of New York City (12500)
  • Walking Tour: Jewelry and Art at the Met (12489)

Week of April 14, 2024

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  • Must-See Buildings in Europe: St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England (12363)

Art Appreciation

  • Contemporary Artists of the Post-Pandemic Art Scene: Cecily Brown (12341)
  • Museum Preview: The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism at the Met (12462)

Current Events and Politics

  • Moral Dilemmas, Case Studies in Justice, Ethics, and Morality (12463)
  • Let's Talk Current Events: Topics in the News (12464)

Fitness and Dance

  • Walk 15® (12454)
  • Essential Yoga (12571)
  • Gentle Yoga (12572)
  • Movement to Music (In-Person) (12443)


  • Intermediate to Advanced Bridge (12524)

Walking Tours

  • Walking Tour: Gilded Age Mansions of the Upper East Side (12482)

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Catalog of Spring/Summer Classes

All upcoming classes are listed in the Printer-Friendly, Interactive Version of our Spring/Summer 2024 Catalog. New classes are added in real time.

Class times are for the Eastern Time Zone. Please check regularly for additional options to keep you engaged and learning, whether from the comforts of home or through our expansive number of in-person options.

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