Volume 7 Issue 3| April 2024


From A Savior Is Risen by Susan Hill 

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen Me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” — John 20:29


Doubt tends to creep in at unfortunate times. In pivotal moments, when we need mountain-moving faith, doubt whispers, Does God hear my prayers? Why hasn’t He fixed this situation? How long will this continue? Often, when we experience doubt, we put on our game face and pretend all is well — but there’s a better way. 

After Jesus was resurrected, the apostle Thomas struggled to believe the reports about Jesus being alive. Thomas said,


Unless I see the nail marks in His hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe. — John 20:25


Sounds pretty cynical, right? Maybe so cynical that Jesus might write off Thomas? Hardly. Rather than dismissing Thomas because of his doubts, Jesus invited Thomas to take a closer look. A few days later, Jesus appeared to the apostle and said,


Put your finger here; see My hands. Reach out your hand and put it into My side. Stop doubting and believe. — John 20:27


When Thomas leaned in and took a closer look, he said,


My Lord and my God! — John 20:28


The remedy for doubt is taking a closer look at Jesus.


No, you can’t reach out like Thomas did and touch Jesus’ flesh — but you can study His Word. You can study history. You can study science. You can wrestle with the Scriptures and voice your questions in prayer. Jesus invites you to lean in closer and express your doubts — it’s the process that strengthens faith.


Lord, like Your disciples, I pray, “I believe, help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24). When I struggle with doubt, teach me to look for the answers in Your Word and fill me with Your faith. 

A Busy Month at Ephesus

The month of April is bringing lots of activity to our church and our members.

April 6, Communion: Communion is an opportunity for believers to honor the gift of God in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. For a meaningful commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice, Seventh-day Adventists follow the Apostle Paul’s guidance in 1 Corinthians 11 to prepare our hearts with self-examination. He cautions “So anyone who eats this bread or drinks this cup of the Lord unworthily is guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord. That is why you should examine yourself before eating the bread and drinking the cup." (1 Cor. 11:27, 28 NLT) For more information about Communion, go here.

April 6, Young Lions: The Youth Ministry sponsors Young Lions, a Bible Study, on the first Sabbath of each month. For more information, contact Belvia Jackson at youthmin@ephesus-sda.com.

April 12-14, Drum and Percussion Workshop: We want to resurrect our Ephesus Drum Corps. So the Youth Ministry is holding this workshop, which will feature Josh Oyortey, one of the leaders of the Oakwood University Drum Corps. You do not have to be a Pathfinder to join; all interested youth are invited. The times will be announced at a later date. 

April 13, PFA Choir: The world-renowned Pine Forge Academy Choir is a group of vocally diverse, talented, and dedicated youth. The choir is noted for its full, rich, and powerful harmonious quality as heard through its spirituals, gospels, anthems, and classical repertoire. We will have the opportunity to experience the choir during church service and in concert at 5 PM. Contact secretary@ephesus-sda.com if you are willing to host two students.

April 13, Oakwood Comes to You: In January, Oakwood University announced a new alumni outreach program. The new community outreach events, titled “Oakwood Comes to You,” focus on enhancing the connection between the university and its alumni. Thus far, the programs have been held in New York City and Atlanta. The program will be held at Ephesus at 3:30 PM.

April 14, Delaware Health and Fitness Expo: The Delaware Victory SDA Church Health Outreach is inviting you to attend this event at the Delaware County Fairgrounds AG Center from 12-7 PM. There will be free health screenings and giveaways. For more information, go to delawareexpo.com.

April 14, Soulful Sunday: Hope City Records invites you to a musical brunch featuring Harmony at the Fruit of the Spirit SDA Church from 3 to 5 PM. They will be presenting a musical tribute to Kirk Franklin with several local gospel artists. For more information about tickets, contact Tirzah Washington at music@ephesus-sda.com.

April 15, Tax Day: Don't forget to file your taxes! And if your family made less than $70,000 last year, you may be eligible to have your taxes done for free! Go to 614filefree.org for details. If you haven’t been able to pick up your 2023 tithe receipt, please send your request to treasury@ephesus-sda.com, and state whether you want your receipt emailed or sent in the mail. Don’t forget to include your mailing address! 

April 20, Youth Emphasis Day: Youth Emphasis Day will be a day to highlight and celebrate our youth. We will welcome our former pastor, Dr. Noah Washington, to our pulpit with the theme, No Rush. A day of activities has been planned. That evening, the Youth and Young Adult Ministries will celebrate together at Dave & Buster's Polaris.

April 20, Fresh Produce Giveaways Return: The Fresh Produce Giveaways, suspended during the winter months will return on April 20 and every third Sabbath thereafter. Be sure to let the folks in your life know that the giveaways are returning. For questions or to volunteer, contact Michaela Rodgers at commserv@ephesus-sda.com.

April 27, Adventurer Honors Fair: The Ephesus Panthers Adventurer Club is sponsoring a day during which Adventurers from around the area can earn honors. For more information, contact LaKeshia Logan at adventurers@ephesus-sda.com.

April 27, Blessing of the Bikes: The Cincinnati Shiloh SDA Church is sponsoring their second annual Blessing of the Bikes. This year, they've partnered with Kettering Health and the American Heart Association. Get your gear and help save a life. Registration is now open at this link.

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March 1 Kristian Afana, Lydia Derri, Charlotte Opoku, Shanae Smith, Dallas Terrell 2 Dalane Crawford, Ashley Palmer 3 Esiaias Glaster, Celestine Mayfield, Tracee Prysock, Syreeta Robinson 6 Brenda Barnes, Codirian Corder, Kay Hill, Nidy Wagnac, Kalena Willoughby 7 Herone Shaw 8 Brian Wallace 9 Michael Foster, La'Teka Hawkins, Haven James, Lakeia Odom, Darrallyn Smoot, Janiah Williams 10 Nikita Dailey, Loretta Ransom 12 Lola Ajaiyeoba, Jamaal Cox, Erica Hancock-White, Joseph Mitchell 13 DeQuan Warren 14 Precious Priggett 15 Christopher Haynes, Yvonne Morrow 16 Eddy Gilbert 18 Tani Ajaiyeoba, Tasheika Campbell, Charles Jordan, Anthony Whitlow 19 Tacoya Ellerbe, Annette Laster, Shaniece Ryan 20 Tina Benbow, Dino Herbert, Ma’Naia Moore, Joann Odenwald 21 Linda Fischer, DeMar Hope 22 James Dowell 23 Dr. Charmaine Blair, Camille Luke 24 Ranelle Brown, Brenda Pearson 25 Theron Leigh, Tyron Leigh, Myracle Long, Brahaani Mamo, Shawn Monk 26 Marie Desir 27 Fred Logan 28 Gregory Holloway, Louise Mason 29 Nia Patterson, Ashley Theodore 30 Marie Orelien, Sarah Palmer 31 Larry Benton

April 1 Shaunte' Churchill, Vona Hanks 2 Sutania Bailey, LaKeshia Logan 4 Brooklynn Porter 5 Devonte Jordan 6 Anton Jenkins, Tibytha Thompson 8 Kiehiere Blackford, Janice Nwabunike 9 Dr. J. Paul Monk 11 Heather Campbell 12 Jackie Jordan 13 Belvia Jackson 14 Tamara Glover 15 Akaisha Howell, Alisa Wimberly 16 April Byrd 17 Julian Page 19 Elaine Crawford, Aria Wilson 21 Myles Carter 22 Juliet Samuel 23 Kawine Clermont, Kerlyne Clermont, Monica Crichlow, Jacques Daboni,  Ray Gibson, El-Ryckestin Kendrick 24 Crystal Giles, Barbara Smith 25 Carlos Bain, Jazmen Hobbs 26 Tricia Crawford, Salathiel Roach, Lacy Roster 27 Leonette Hollingsworth, Christopher Upchurch 28 Valerie Laison

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1 Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

4 PJELC Board Meeting, Online, 6:30 PM

Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

5 Communion Rehearsal, Sanctuary, 7 PM

6 Divine Worship Service and Communion, Sanctuary, 11 AM

Young Lions Bible Study, 1:30 PM

6 Small Group Meeting, Organ-Side Overflow, 4:30 PM

6 Bible Bowl Practice, Organ-Side Overflow, 6 PM

7 United Worshippers Christian Church Service, Sanctuary and Classroom 1, 9 AM-2 PM

7   Women’s Ministry Meeting, Organ-Side Overflow, 10 AM

8 Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

9 CAA Finance Committee Meeting, 6 PM

9 Finance Committee Meeting, Online, 6:30 PM

9 AdCom Meeting, Online, 6:30 PM

Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

10 Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

11 PJELC Board Meeting, Online, 6:30 PM

12 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

12  Men’s Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 7 PM

13 Divine Worship Service with PFA Choir, Sanctuary, 11 AM

13 Adventurer Club Meeting, 1 PM

13 Oakwood Comes to You, Sanctuary, 3:30 PM

13 PFA Choir Concert, Sanctuary, 5 PM

13 Bible Bowl Practice, Organ-Side Overflow, 6 PM

14 United Worshippers Christian Church Service, Sanctuary and Classroom 1, 9 AM-2 PM

14 Pathfinders, Fellowship Hall, 10 AM

15 Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

16 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

17 Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

19 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

20 Divine Worship Service and Youth Emphasis Day, Sanctuary, 11 AM

20 Fresh Produce Giveaway, Parking Lot, 12 noon

20 Small Group Meeting, Organ-Side Overflow, 4:30 PM

20 Bible Bowl Practice, Organ-Side Overflow, 6 PM

21 United Worshippers Christian Church Service, Sanctuary and Classroom 1, 9 AM-2 PM

21 Elder Board Meeting, Pastor’s Office, 9 AM

21 Church Board Meeting, Fellowship Hall, 10 AM

22 Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

23 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

24 Impact Columbus Prayer Meeting, Ephesus, 7 PM

26 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

26  Men’s Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 7 PM

27 Divine Worship Service, Sanctuary, 11 AM

27 Adventurer Club Honors Fair, whole church, 2 PM

27 Bible Bowl Practice, Organ-Side Overflow, 6 PM

28 United Worshippers Christian Church Service, Sanctuary and Classroom 1, 9 AM-2 PM

28 Pathfinders, Fellowship Hall, 10 AM

29 Bible Bowl Practice, Conference Room, 6 PM

30 Young Adult Bible Study, Organ-Side Overflow, 7 PM

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