2024 Acceptances

We are beyond proud of our students and happy to report that everyone has been accepted to a school that is a great fit for them.
To our seniors, congratulations for working so hard. We continue to be impressed with your resiliency and accomplishments. We wish you the best of luck and know that you will all be assets to your future colleges! Below is a partial list of colleges to which CBM students were accepted. We are so proud!

2024 Admission Trends

The pandemic's disruption to college admissions has had long-term effects, but we are seeing other impactful factors such as the Supreme Court's decision to end affirmative action, schools learning how to navigate AI, and an abundance of applications. Let’s look at what happened this year:

Testing is still in flux. Although most schools remain test optional, and many will continue to be for the next few years or even made this a permanent decision like Columbia University, many universities have gone back to requiring tests: Dartmouth, Yale, Brown, Harvard, and UT Austin to name a few. We will see if this changes application numbers at the most selective schools and beyond.

Yieldability is the buzzword. Colleges use data analytics to determine the “yieldability” of a student (yield rate refers to the percent of students enrolling into a school after being accepted), by deferring, waitlisting, offering alternate acceptances (ranging from students studying abroad first semester to admission to another campus within the state system to a guaranteed sophomore transfer) or even rejecting students who were using it as a "safety." Hence, the timeline for a student's acceptance could be extended. Students worried by being deferred and applied to more schools!

Interviews are changing. Instead of colleges offering traditional interviews, they are either removing them from the application process or offering a variety of options such as personal videos or interview uploads. They still remain important at some schools, but the number of traditional interviews available is decreasing.

Colleges are accepting more students early decision. Because colleges want strong yield rates, they are accepting more students early decision. For example, Williams said yes to approximately 23% of their students ED but have an overall acceptance rate of 7% for the class of 2028. And more and more students are applying early (41% jump since 2019-2020 cycle according to the CommonApp).

This led to the lowest-ever acceptance rates at most schools and an increase in waitlists. Duke had a 4.1% regular decision acceptance rate, which is its lowest in history. It also saw its largest-ever pool of applicants, which seems to be consistent with most schools. Although the largest surge happened during COVID, the application numbers are continuing to stay at this record-breaking rate and are not decreasing. According to the CommonApp, applications are up 6%.

Additionally, applications from minority students increased 67% since 2019-2020, which is especially significant for the first application cycle after the Supreme Court ended affirmative action in June. Applications from students at high schools in lower-income ZIP codes also rose more than the general rate: 52 percent since 2019–20, versus 32 percent from wealthier ZIP codes.

The chart below from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign clearly illustrates what's been consistently happening everywhere.

What's on Our Minds

The Secret to College Waitlists

Our colleagues at Beasley College Consulting give a great tutorial on Waitlists. Click Here to Read!

And if you are on the waitlist at a school that excites you, we encourage you to be proactive! If you haven't already, please meet with your mentor ASAP to schedule a time to discuss your approach.

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We are proud of you and enjoyed working with you through this process. We are available to meet to help you make your final decision. Please let us know your results.

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If we haven't already met, please contact us to develop a plan for the coming year and discuss some potential summer options.  
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