Support Second Hand

Reduce your footprint this Earth day by donating or shopping second hand. Yes, Even shopping second hand is a great way to do your part and participate this Earth day and ! By donating your clothes, you're preventing textile waste in landfills. Not to mention, it always feels good cleaning out your closet, and helping underprivileged communities.

Support our Pollinators

This earth day celebrate by supporting our pollinators! Did you know that honeybees pollinate $15 billion worth of crops in the US each year? They also help create many medicines, provide 1/2 the worlds fibers and oil, AND they help prevent soil erosion! Busy bees indeed. Click here to start planning for how your yard and garden can help our bee friends this spring!

As Always Reduce Reuse Recycle

We all know that recycling is one of the best and easiest ways to do our part, but how many of us know all the different ways we can use this concept... even our family here at Autumn Tree had to refresh on the many ways recycling can be practiced. What better way to celebrate our Earth. Click here to study up on how we can better serve it!

We want to celebrate with you!

Tag us or use the hashtag #Autumntreelovesearth on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn so we can see all your lovely Earth Day activities!

More on Planting . . .

Supply chains have started to come back online and plant material is a bit easier to find. Autumn Trees mission for 2023 will be to help add to the diversification of our urban trees "High tree diversity is argued to be the most important requisite for a resilient urban forest" (H. Sjöman, 2018, p.1). So do not be surprised if your Arborist recommends a tree not widely used in our landscapes!

Our Star this month . . .

Nico is our owner Jaime's youngest son, and the youngest member of our crew! He is a full time student, attending Colorado University for a degree in graphic design. When he's not working or studying, he enjoys riding dirt bikes, playing video games and drawing! Nico always has a bright smile on his face around the office, his presence is always a treat. His favorite part about working here at Autumn Tree is being outdoors and being active! He loves 80's rock music, particularly the guitar. Nico makes an excellent addition to our Autumn Tree family and we are thrilled to formally introduce you to him.

Benefits to lawn aeration:

  • Reduces thatch buildup which is harmful to your lawn
  • Reduces compacted soil
  • Helps oxygen, water and nutrients reach grassroots
  • Encourages lasting, healthy growth
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilizer
  • Restores patchy or thin lawns when combined with overseeding

Click below for an Aeration estimate and please put 'Lawn Aeration' in the description field!

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White Oak

About: The white oak can be recognized particularly by its beautiful fall foliage and it's acorns! They are considered the most majestic tree of the eastern hardwoods.

Care & Needs: Prefers full sun, structural pruning should be done, to establish straightness and influence strong branches that aren't prone to breaking.


Mature size: 60-100 ft. tall, 50-90 ft. wide

Foliage color: Yellow-Green

Bloom season: May

Fun Fact: White Oak is the most commonly used wood for liquor barrels! Particularly for the making of whiskey. So next time you enjoy a glass... think of this special tree!

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