April 2023

Cook's UMC Newsletter

From the Pastor

Easter is inarguably the center of the Christian calendar. Easter became the name for our celebration and remembrance practices after a few centuries because the German words for resurrection (auferstehung) and for dawn (eostarum) sounds similar to the English word, Easter.


And being the center of our calendar, there is no surprise that even when and how we worship this Living Savior has shifted. Sabbath worship happened on the last day of the week in remembrance of God finishing the work of creation and then, resting. However, after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, worship shifted for Jesus-followers from the last day of the week to the first day of a “new” week. In essence, every Sunday is a Resurrection Day! (This is also the reason that Sundays are not included in the 40-day observance of Lent and many would say that there is no need for a fast on Resurrection Day.)


In AD 325, the Council of Nicea, determined that a universal Easter day would be recognized across Christian traditions. That day was set as the first Sunday after the paschal moon which could not precede the spring equinox. (That means Easter will always fall sometime in the 36 days between March 21 and April 25).


Once that day was set, it was easy to work backward, setting the 40-day observance of the Lenten season. That 40 days is reminiscent of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness, “preparing” for ministry. By a similar sign, the 50 days following Resurrection Day (called Eastertide) is focused on considering the ways Jesus appeared to his disciples and his preparation for them to take his ministry on as their own in his name. 


We at Cook’s UMC hope that you will join us in celebrating the Incarnate Christ, crucified and Risen. And there are many worship opportunities available:


Sunday, April 2 -- 10:00am, Sunday School and Small Groups meet in their dedicated spaces & 11am, One Worship service/Friendship Hall including a cantata with the choirs of Grace UMC and Cook’s UMC, as well as an orchestra and the Cook’s UMC praise band.


Thursday, April 6 -- 6:30pm, Maundy Thursday/Friendship Hall, a re-presentation of the disciples’ upper room experience with Jesus including a light meal and Holy Communion.


Friday, April 7 -- 7am - 7:00pm, Stations of the Cross/Friendship Hall, self-guided and highly interactive, this devotional experience will help you “see” Good Friday through Saturday from the perspective of Jesus’ family, his disciples, his accusers, his executioners, and even as a follower yourself.


Sunday, April 9 -- 6:30am Sonrise Worship/Cook’s Pavilion, we will greet the dawn as Resurrection and New Life are proclaimed with joy! Bundle up and bring a lawn chair if you have one! Our praise band will lead us in music.


7:30am Family Breakfast/Friendship Hall Cook’s United Methodist Men will cook and serve a great breakfast for us to share in the joy of our morning. Donations accepted toward UMM service work.


8:45am Traditional Worship/Sanctuary, we will continue our celebration of God’s Resurrection power with the Cook’s choir and liturgist helping us proclaim the good news of Jesus’ rising!


From Good Friday to Easter Day

Lord Jesus,

You alone can reveal to us

the riches of God’s solitude

in the communion of persons.


Alone in the desert

and alone in Gethsemane,

alone on your cross,

between men who were alone on theirs,

You assumed everyone’s solitude

within yourself

so that everyone might commune

with God.


O God of encounters,

may each of us

in his [her] desert

detect a sign of your presence.

With you,

may each of us be

for his brothers [sisters]

a travelling companion

in the fellowship of the Father

and the Spirit.


Lord Jesus,

by taking part in your death and resurrection,

we pass from solitude to communion.


Pierre Talec, France

The Resurrection

In the light of Easter dawn,

while disciples in whispers

passed their despair one to another,

You arose at the call of the Father,

bringing light and immortality to light,

warming hearts with inextinguishable joy,

and rehabilitating doubters and deniers

with a love that overpowers the gates of hell.


Jesus, the Word made flesh,

Jesus, friend of sinners,

Reconciler of the whole universe,

the Resurrection and the Life:

Heaven and earth are full of your glory!

Our allegiance and gratitude are yours forever!


Bruce D. Prewer, Australia


We will be celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday, April 6 @ 6pm in the Friendship Hall. If you will be worshipping/celebrating with us from home, please gather bread (or tortillas or crackers, etc.) and juice (if you don't have grape, any juice or liquid will suffice) enough for everyone in your household. We look forward to celebrating God's grace in this very special way.

Samaritan Fund                 

The dollars in this fund are used to help those in our community with immediate needs. The money used to fund this account comes from donations left on the altar rail during communion.

Easter Cantata

Palm Sunday, April 2 @ 11:00 am

Cook’s Friendship Hall

Maundy Thursday Communion Service

Thursday, April 6 @ 6pm in Cook’s Friendship Hall


Good Friday – Stations of the Cross

Friday, April 7 from 7am – 7pm in Cook’s Friendship Hall

Sunday, April 9 Easter Schedule


Sonrise Worship Service

6:30 am under Cook’s Pavilion


Church-wide Easter Breakfast

The United Methodist Men will be serving breakfast 7:30 am to 8:15 am in the youth room.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy.


Traditional Worship

8:45 am Cook’s Sanctuary

Mother’s Day Annual

Box Lunch

$12 per box

Preorder by May 7, 2023

Chicken Salad, Croissant, Fruit Salad,

Chips & Cookies

THANK YOU to all those that came out and help support Boy Scout Troop 246 at their Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser. It was the biggest crowd they've ever had and they raised $3,000.

Backpack Program

The Church at Pleasant Grove is sponsoring the Backpack Program for 5 schools in our area: Springdale Elementary, Stoner Creek Elementary, West Elementary, Mt. Juliet High School and Wilson Central High School. They need help in stocking their shelves. Items requested are: Instant Oatmeal Packages; Individual Mac & Cheese; Pudding Cups (non-refrigerated; Ravioli, Spaghetti-O's; Granola Bars; Fruit Cups; Applesauce; Juice Boxes (avoid those with lots of sugar). There will be a cart in the back hallway at church for your donations. 


April 22 @ 8am - 2pm @ Westland UMC in Lebanon


This is a high energy event that volunteers always seem to enjoy! We will be bagging up enough food for over 13,000 meals! And if you've never participated in one of these events, you will be surprised at how fast the number grows. 


The schedule for the day is:

8:00 - 9:00 Set-up

We'll need some strong backs to help unload food, arrange tables, put out equipment, etc. 


9:00 -10:30 Bagging up meals


10:30 - 12:00 Bagging up meals


12:00 - 2:00 Clean up and take down

Loading meals and any left-over food into the truck. More strong backs needed then.


Tables will be set up for 4-5 people to bag food. The food is dried, and each person has a specific task (add rice, hold bag, etc.).

Runners will take filled bags to a weighing table. 


After weighing and making any needed adjustments to weight, bags will be sealed and packed into boxes.

Every time 1,000 meals are prepared, a gong is sounded. You'll be surprised how quickly that gong sounds!


SALT is a ministry that feeds our neighbors in Wilson Co., but our neighbors who are struggling with hunger are around the world! This is our opportunity to feed His sheep, our brothers and sisters wherever they live. I hope you'll join us.


Sign up link:


Home Centered

Dot Creasman, Billie East, Judith Mabb,

Phil & Gladys Pennington,

Norman & Ruby Walker

Current Information

The most recent Newsletter, Financial Statement, 2023 Officers / Committee Members Listing, and approved Church Council minutes can be found in the literature rack in the back hallway (just outside the Friendship Hall).

SALT (Serving at the Lord’s Table)


Needed from Cook’s

Canned Mixed Vegetables; Rice (1 or 2 lb. bags) &

Canned Beans (e.g., northern, pinto, black, kidney, pork & beans)

All donations can be left on the cart in the back hallway.

Coins For Lent

Below is a list of all the items we counted in the church for our Coins for Lent Jar. 

February 22 – A coin for every lamp – 18

February 23 – A coin for every light switch - 70

February 24 – A coin for every candle – 633

February 25 – A coin for every flashlight - 9

February 27 – A coin for every box of cereal – 49

February 28 – A coin for every can of soup - 2

March 1 – A coin for every type of bread – 2

March 2 — A coin for every jar of jelly - 2

March 3 – A coin for every bottle of salad dressing – 1

March 4 – A coin for every jar of peanut butter - 2

March 6 – A coin for every ball cap or hat – 1

March 7 – A coin for every pair of shoes – 2

March 8 – A coin for every pair of jeans or pants – 2

March 9 – A coin for every coat - 0

March 10 – A coin for every t-shirt – 20

March 11 – A coin for every sweatshirt - 0

March 13 – A coin for every ball or piece of athletic equipment – 63

March 14 – A coin for every electronic video game – 0

March 15 – A coin for every smart device - 7

March 16 – A coin for every television – 15

March 17 – A coin for every doll or stuffed animal - 26

March 18 – A coin for every board or card game – 15

March 20 – A coin for every box of Band-Aids – 3

March 21 – A coin for every bottle of vitamins – 0

March 22 – A coin for every box of tissues - 42

March 23 – A coin for every bottle of hand sanitizer – 40

March 24 – A coin for every toothbrush / toothpaste - 2

March 25 – A coin for every cough drop in your house – 50

March 27 – A coin for every room in your home - 30

March 28 – A coin for every electrical outlet home – 173

March 29 – A coin for every chair in your home - 441

March 30 – A coin for every desk in your home – 6

March 31 – A coin for every bathroom - 4

April 1 – A coin for every bed – 0

April 3 – A coin for every Bible - 296

April 4 – A coin for every book of hymns – 292

April 5 – A coin for every cross in your home - 20

Handbell Practice Schedule

(Wednesdays in the Youth Room @ 6pm)

May 10, 17 & 24

Choir Practice Schedule

(Wednesdays in the Youth Room @ 7pm)

April 5, 12, 19 & 26

May 3, 10, 17 & 24

June 7 & 14

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April Calendar of Events 

Sunday, April 2 Cantata 11:00 am (Friendship Hall)

Monday, April 3 “Sacred Slow” Study 12:30-2pm (Seekers Room)

Monday, April 3 Trustees Meeting 6pm (Youth Room)

Thursday, April 6 Maundy Thursday Service 6pm (Friendship Hall)

Friday, April 7 Stations of the Cross 7am-7pm (Friendship Hall)

Sunday, April 9 Sonrise Worship 6:30 am (Pavilion)

Sunday, April 9 Easter Breakfast 7:30-8:15am (Youth Room)

Sunday, April 9 Traditional Worship 8:45am (Sanctuary)

Monday, April 10 Church Office Closed

Tuesday, April 11 SPR Team Meeting 6pm (Youth Room)

Sunday, April 16 Finance Team Meeting 3pm (Lamplighters Room)

Sunday, April 16 Church Council 4pm (Youth Room)

Monday, April 17 “Sacred Slow” Study 12:30-2pm (Seekers Room)

Tuesday, April 18 Girl Scouts 6:30pm (Lamplighters & Shine Rooms)

Thursday, April 20 Worship Team Meeting 3:30pm (Library)

Thursday, April 20 Discipleship Team Meeting 5pm (Library)

Thursday, April 26 Congregational Care Meeting 10am (Lamplighters)

Mondays @ 9:30 am Bible Study (Youth Room)      

Thursdays @ 6:00 pm Boy Scouts (Youth & Shine Rooms)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Oliver Academy       

Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays @ 6:00 pm TKD (Friendship Hall)

In Person Giving

An offering basket is available at the back of the Friendship Hall during all worship services, or you can drop your offering off by the church office during regular business hours.

Online Giving

You can give online at www.cooksumc.org or

text cumc to 73256

Electronic Bank Draft

If you are interested in this easy and convenient way of giving, please contact the church office.

7919 Lebanon Road, Mt. Juliet TN 37122



Sunday Schedule

8:45am Traditional Worship (Sanctuary), Facebook Live & YouTube

10:00am Sunday School

11:00am “The Well” Worship Service (Friendship Hall), Facebook Live & YouTube