Hello Mary,

Happy Spring! We hope you and your family are enjoying these warm days of April. Our individuals served have been busy getting outside, exploring possible jobs, doing crafts, and celebrating Earth Day, thanks to you!

As you know, we appreciate ANY donation that you give to Shore! Every dollar makes a huge difference. Thank you in advance for your generous support!


Shore's Annual Spring Benefit is May 18

Our Spring Benefit and Online Auction is less than a month away! We are honoring Natalie Romano, President of Shore's Board of Directors, for her many years of service and dedication to Shore.

We continue to seek sponsors and donations for our Online Auction such as unique experiences, sporting event/concert tickets, restaurant or retail gift certificates, or any connections you have to people who could provide these types of items; we are extremely grateful for your support. Please contact Tracy Portnoy with any ideas, questions or contacts at tportnoy@shoreservices.org or 847-982-2030 x 218. Thank you for your generosity!

We hope to see you on May 18 at the North Shore Country Club in Glenview to celebrate. You will want to check out our online auction, available on May 11, as there are many exciting items for you to bid on. You can purchase tickets at the link below.

Also, our Golf Outing is Friday, June 23rd at the Deerfield Golf Club in Riverwoods so save that date!

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Shore's Ready For Work Program Delivers....Again!

Shore is proud to say we have two new grocery store baggers; one at Mariano's and another at Jewel. Both stores are lucky to gain friendly, hard-working baggers who do what the job takes!

Jerry (pictured here) started his job at Mariano's in Skokie this past February. He is enjoying his work which includes bagging for customers, bringing carts back into the store, and stocking shelves.

Steve, who recently completed vocational training at the Joseph Koenig, Sr. Training Center and received his Ready For Work Certificate, was recently hired at Jewel in Niles.

Left - Jerry B. is happy working at Mariano's in Skokie. 

Left - Steve enjoys his job at Jewel in Niles;

A Day at the Bowling Alley

What's a great way to spend time together and get some exercise as well? Bowling! This crew had a great day at the bowling alley and enjoyed some friendly competition!

Right, Left to Right Vanessa, Allen, Candace & Emily

Volunteering at the Food Pantry

Individuals served at the Shore Koenig Center are volunteering at the Niles Food Pantry 3 times each week. We are proud of how our clients give back by consistently showing up to help stock shelves and organize food.

Right, Roxanne is working hard to stock onions.

Below, Barry enjoying his busy shift.

Below Barry, Priscilla sorts vegetables and fruit.

In memory of Gloria Galloway Moore

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Gloria Galloway Moore, member of Shore's Honorary Board. She passed away on April 4th at the age of 99.

Gloria volunteered for the benefit of Shore, since the early 1960’s. She was a member and former president of the Lakewood League, which was a woman’s auxiliary club that was set up for the sole purpose of volunteering and fundraising for Shore. Gloria served on Shore’s Board of Directors for over 25 years and was an Honorary Board Member since 2018. She volunteered at the agency’s former re-sale shop, Second Time Around Thrift and Gift Shop, for over 15 years. In spring of 2017, Gloria was honored with the Thomas and Lois Lloyd Humanitarian Award, which is named in honor of Shore’s founders, and is given to an individual who has helped the agency meet its commitment to improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

The family is planning a memorial service on July 9, which is the day before Gloria would have been 100 years old. We will share the details closer to that day. Gloria will long be remembered for her service to Shore.

Robin's Corner

Catching Up with Shore Homes East

Hi, I’m back! Sorry it took so long for this article. There’s a lot to catch up on here at Shore Homes East.

Let’s start with Peggy’s birthday, which was on February 8. We ordered pizza from JB Alberto’s – cheese, pepperoni one with sausage and vegetables. We also had spinach, tossed salad (I didn’t have any salad), soda, and, of course, a chocolate birthday cake. We sang Happy Birthday to her and each of us took a turn saying something nice about Peggy. I thanked her for answering my questions.

On February 18, we went to Shore West for a Valentine's party. We ate hamburgers for dinner, along with potato salad, soda, and cookies. I sat with John and we exchanged Valentine's presents. I gave him two books, a can of pop, and a candy bar. He gave me some bracelets and a card.

Pizzamania was on Fat Tuesday, February 21. It was our first Pizzamania since 2020! It was fun to be back at Gigio’s, and "the pizza was delicious", to quote Isabel. Shore West arrived at the

same time we did, so we sat together in different groups. I had cheese pizza and a Coke.

March 3 was a Shore In-service Day, so we went out for lunch at a restaurant we hadn’t been to

before. It is called La Principal. We all had chips with salsa or guacamole dip to start, then

everyone ordered tacos. I had a chicken taco with a Mexican orange soda called Jarrito's. It was a nice change from our usual, Steak & Shake. Everyone said they enjoyed the Mexican food.

On March 10, we celebrated Josh’s birthday. We had pizza … again! We had cheese pizza, pizza with broccoli, and pepperoni pizza. We also had tossed salad (you know about me and salad), soda and another chocolate cake! Actually, before we ate the cake, we had a Zoom dance party with Center for Enriched Living (CEL). Everyone was in a party mood when we sang to Josh and ate the cake. As you can see, we've been having lots of fun. And lots of pizza and chocolate cake!

Congratulations to Shore Homes West

Way to go, Shore Homes West!

We are so proud of Shore Homes West for receiving a score of 100% in their survey from the Department of Public Health. That is no easy feat so we hope you'll join us in celebrating this major accomplishment!

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Good Times in April at the Lois Lloyd Center

Above: Mika and Khiyona take a walk outside in the beautiful April weather.

Above: Joshua, Lorraine, Leslie, Diosely, Mayra, and Nicole take a trip outside the Lois Lloyd Center to enjoy some sunshine.

Above: Keisha and Leslie come upstairs to visit with Mary.

Top: Janakan plays computer games and spends time with friends on a rainy April morning.

Middle: Sam often spends time in the lobby and is our Shore greeter; it's wonderful to see his smiling face.

Bottom: Tehran enjoys listening to music with friends on a chilly April afternoon.

Top: Leslie loves her visit with Rhonda.

Middle: James enjoying a nice day listening to music with friends.

Bottom: Billy enjoying an April afternoon at the Lois Lloyd Center.

April Birthday Celebration at the Koenig Center

This group played birthday bingo, charades and had cupcakes; it was a wonderful celebration! 

Left to Right: Barry, Steve, John, Mary, Diane, Richard, Joyce  

(not pictured Barry & Sam) 

Core Estate Planning Document that Everyone Should Have

Part II: Wills & Trusts

By Matthew R. Margolis, Margolis Weldon LLC

A very common theme in our office is when a prospective client calls and says, "I need a Will," or "I need a trust." When we ask why one of those is what they need, they typically respond by telling us that someone they know told them (friend, family member, advisor, etc.) or it's what they're supposed to have. We love this because the reality is that most people really don't understand what either is, but know they need something.

Frequently, clients believe that a Last Will avoids probate and the other is that trusts are only for "rich" people or those with a lot more assets than "us." So, what does a Last Will do? A Will is basically a formal, typed up letter (legal document) meant for a judge to interpret sometime down the road (hopefully a long time) when we die. It serves as direction as to what we want to have happen with all of our assets and who we want to take care of our minor children. The Will also lists who we want to be in charge (the executor) of making sure our stuff goes to the people we want it to go to (the beneficiaries). And we get to be as simple or complicated as we want. But that's really it. The Will itself does not avoid probate. In fact in most circumstances, it guarantees it. If we don't have a Will, the State's rules come into play and determines where all of our assets and property goes, and who is in charge of our minor children.

Probate is the court process that is potentially involved when we die (depending on how we owned our assets during our lifetime) to determine where all of our stuff goes. If we didn't have beneficiary designations on our accounts (life insurance, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.) or beneficiaries on those accounts who survived us and we didn't have our assets in a trust of some sort (to be discussed soon) then our estate is likely to go through probate when we die. In a probate case, which is a public process, the judge is in control and ultimately gets to decide where all of our stuff goes (either based on our Will or the State's rule book). In most cases, our executor or the administrator of our estate (if we didn't have a Will) will have to hire an attorney to navigate and handle the probate process. The probate process, on average, is likely to take somewhere between 8-12 months and cost the estate roughly 2-5% of its value.

The most common way to avoid probate is with a revocable living trust. This is the most common type of trust out there. Most of your friends and family who mention "my trust" likely have one of these. We like them because they offer protection from probate and flexibility. We can make changes to them as life goes on and things change. The trust is a vehicle for us to own our assets (i.e. bank and brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, CDs, annuities, real estate, etc.) and consolidate them so that when we pass away we avoid probate and pass things to our beneficiaries in as much of a detailed and protective manner as possible. What if our children or grandchildren are young when we die? Do we want a 17, 18, or even 25 year old having immediate access to potentially large sums of money? We can provide asset protection to our beneficiaries in case they are sued or get divorced down the road after we die. The bottom line is that our wishes control and it's done privately. It can all be done within the family, or we can have a banker or trust officer handle things. Either way, we're not having to do it publicly in a court room over an indefinite period of time.

In every Will we appoint an "executor" and in every trust we appoint a "trustee." These individuals (or corporations—i.e. trust companies, banks, or financial firms) have a very similar role. They are in charge of making sure that when we pass away (or in the case of a trust, starting at the point of when we become incompetent) our assets are being managed appropriately, our expenses are taken care of, and that our beneficiaries all receive what we wanted them to as per the document we executed.

In the end, it's about planning to ensure that what we want to have happen when we die actually happens. We recommend consulting with an estate planning or elder law attorney regarding these matters depending on what one's needs are. That way options can be presented and educated decisions can be made. The plan we do not recommend is "it's OK, things will work out."